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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Guest Post - Temitope Bankole of

Temitope Bankole


The fear of failure is very common in our society. Society sometimes places very high demands on us and our personal expectations about life can be downright ridiculous yet our insecurities stare at us and most of us can be helpless not knowing how to handle our deep seated insecurities of not wanting to be seen as a failure .
We are trained to ALWAYS come out tops in class anything less is not worthy of admiration,subtle messages are sent to our subconscious that you are ONLY worthy when you succeed even when it means using underhanded methods cause after all failure is a bastard right?
So in schools songs like 'olodo rapata' are recited to the not so 'intelligent' pupil by the class! How embarrassing that can be for anyone in that situation. But hey isn't that how the 'real world' works? We celebrate success and want to be associated with successful people without taking time to understand their journey to success land. We disassociate ourselves from people struggling to find their own feet.
So as adults we  carry the notion that failure is a bad thing and would rather not do anything than be laughed at*remember the olodo effect* lol ,failing to realize that people we see  as successful and celebrate, are people who have decided to fail forward,improve themselves and be outstanding.
Ok what is it about failure that you ought to know?

1. Failure in itself is not a bad thing,it's how you react and what you do with the process that determines weather it is bad or not.

2. Failure is inevitable- Rarely do things work out the first time you try! No one gets everything right all the time,everyone makes mistakes. While those mistakes aren't always fun they are not unto death *most times* The day you come to terms that failure is part of the human condition the better for you.

3. Failure can be great feedback- Feedback is the breakfast of champions. So when you step out of your comfort zone to pursue a goal and you don't succeed the first time,see it as feedback, learn your lessons,change your strategy and give it another shot.

4. Failure at a venture is not the end of life. People will talk o but why do they have their mouths isn't it to talk? Which one is your own? move on and keep looking for better ways to do things

5. Funny but true failure helps you stay grounded - See if you have failed before there's this humility that comes with the terrain. If you haven't failed at something before (except you are naturally grounded) the tendency to see yourself as invincible is high! Any how the fact you failed helps you stay grounded while you give it another shot.

New Interest in Entrepreneur and where they should be getting trained to run terrific businesses. Also I had the pleasure of listening to Mrs. Awosika train entrepreneurs.

I asked a question. I got the courage to stand up and ask a question.
How do you take your business from small time to big time?

You will get the answer in my next blog post. Know that it doesn't exclude a lot of hard work. Prepare to work hard and smart. You will get there! I will too!

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