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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Seek, Find, Live

I found this blog today. Her name is Dora
I read her post and felt hugged. Her words cut through.

I hear some words and I don't even think it pierces through the haze I sometimes feel. This got to my soul today and maybe it will get to yours too.

I saw so much word on her blog and maybe it was the word but I think her blog has a touch of the Holy Ghost. I can't say why I love the Holy Ghost, I just know that when I am conscious of Him, I feel alive. Like I have been living somehow 'without' that thing. I just know that I read her blog and the word ministered to my spirit. My soul felt good. Exodus 23:25 used to be my constant confession. It is on her blog too.

I am conscious of God. Too darn conscious of Him and I wouldn't have it any other way.

When I wasn't conscious of God, all I was conscious of, was how smart I am, how intelligent I am, how perfect my eyes, ears, nose, legs, body is. So it is not like I don't have flesh. I do. I just know what to prefer now. I prefer God. I put Him first. I kill my narcissistic tendencies when they show up, or rather when the Holy Spirit shows them to me. I am His and He is mine. There is nothing that the devil can do about it through whoever. Forever yoked to Christ and pledged to Him. My allegiance is to Him. His allegiance is to me and I trust in His word. I asked Him when I gave my life to Him or received His life; to prove Himself to me and He hasn't stopped. I know God on a supernatural plane. I don't view Him as far away. He is as close as I can voice out and call to Him. I do call and I will call. 

I am not soft. Nothing about me is soft. I do look soft on the outside but I have a very analytical, calculating brain. It doesn't fit my external looks. However I am not what I look like on the outside. God gave me a beautiful house and I am grateful for it. I am my recreated human spirit, alive to God and to righteousness, dead to sin and its baser nature.

I am so following that chic. There are not many people I read and I am instinctively inspired to write about God. There are few and I keep them close. I have lots of people I talk to but not many friends and I like it like that. God and I have a covenant that whoever and whatever I need will come my way. I am open to the people necessary for my destiny but the other people, I am not willing to invest my time, emotions and my energy in everyone BUT when I sense that something is necessary for my destiny, I give it everything I have got. I focus my energies in the direction that God is leading me and He does lead me.

Two CEOs. Read about Bukky George on Mrs. O's blog (

I get a sense of fulfilment from working on this blog because it is a nation builder. Nigeria's and indeed Africa's entrepreneurs and future leaders are being built via this blog so I feel a responsibility to give it all I have got but this will give vision and save the purpose of many. I love to help people birth their dreams because God so orchestrated my life that all the right people necessary to get me to where I am going always came to me and had the right words to say to me to get me moving on the God path. I am glad they were obedient, I am more glad that God in His wisdom caused me to be receptive to their words. I am blessed and because I am blessed I would like you to be also. I cannot do the difficult thing for you though, things like commitment and discipline and sticking to God's word like velcro. I can provide the information and resources that you need in the hope that it will cause you to wake up to your vision and start fulfilling the purpose God has for you.

God bless you all

I have an inkling this blog post will cause change. Thank you Holy Ghost for your guidance.I can feel God's hand on me. waoh.
Please be blessed. Do take advantage. Learn how. If you seek, you will find

It is the glory of God to hide a thing
It is the honour of kings to seek it out

Or something like that.
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