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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

If there is no creed, then what is the use?

I agree, (name withheld). This is a well-written essay. And I sympathize with the writer. I cannot make my Nigerian husband understand that his beliefs are no longer mine, even though I once shared them. I cannot talk to in-laws about religion and my lack of belief. I find the Unitarian Church comfortable and a good spiritual home – no creed attached!

Some lady said it. On a blog. It was a comment It was incredulous to me because God is evident in all creation.

What is a creed? 


 noun \ˈkrēd\

: a statement of the basic beliefs of a religion
: an idea or set of beliefs that guides the actions of a person or group
Dictionary: merriam-webster dictionary.

In essence the woman was saying she liked going to a church that didn't believe in anything and she felt uncomfortable in a church that had NO beliefs. Is that normal behaviour?

Assuming the founding fathers knew what would happen in America centuries after, they would have wept. She's married to a Nigerian and she says he keeps disturbing her. I am almost sure the guy is a nominal Christian but even he knows you can't serve two masters. If God makes you uncomfortable, the devil will be comfortable where you are.

I don't understand what the world is turning into. Everywhere I turn I see atheists and as much as it is making me preach more, It is also making me pray more, I know I can't reach them on my own. Because they didn't get that way on their own.

When people disappear, you know that something is going on, something serious.
The current left Behind movie. Look out for it. I have read all the books by the way.

It is influence. Some are under the influence of the Holy Spirit and some are under the influence of controlling spirits.

Passion for work, joy, peace, love, patience come under the influence of the Holy Spirit.

Fear, hate, anger, lust, greed, murder come under the influence of controlling spirits.

We are in the last days. When people express lethargy and lack of interest in life, it is controlling spirits, you should pray and keep praying (intercession) so that you can set the captive free and help them walk in liberty.

The current movie: Nicholas Cage is Chloe's dad, the character Jack Hayford

You should also take heed to yourself, maintain your daily devotions, there is just awesome power that is generated in the presence of God. You need more of the presence of God daily.

This earth is created to take you away from God. Everything on the earth wants to take your attention, it is your responsibility to pay attention to God's word, the Holy Spirit and to pray and minister the word to the people who have not known God.

We are in the last days. That places a responsibility on us. We have information that 7.5 billion people need so that they will not be condemned to hell. They need the gospel of Jesus Christ; don't hesitate to tell it. Don't be afraid of telling it. The only reason many Christians are alive is so that they will preach the gospel. 


P.S. Every atheist I meet from now onwards is going on a prayer list. The kingdom of darkness will be depopulated. As long as I have breathe in me, I will pray and preach. If someone meets me, it should be like meeting God, I should be able to communicate the life of God to them via the word of God with the help of the Holy Ghost. This is my call!

I belong to the kingdom of God and I am happy about it.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

What's new?

So much is going on.

Just from twitter yesterday, you could tell that the Emmy's was going on. If you are interested in that sort of thing, click here to see who won, who didn't win? Who's beefing and whose baby drew away from her. Speculations and counter speculations. Like it changes anything in our scheme of things or in God's scheme of things. Go see if you are interested anyways.

Beyonce at an event, she won an Emmy Yesterday and had a stellar performance yesterday going by twitter ooohs and ahhhs!
In case you don't know what Emmy Awards are, let me help you. It is a place where the best of the best go yearly to be appreciated. Of course we can't agree on what best of the best is, because I am sure there were some great people overlooked, story of life. The judges have adjudged some people best of the best and they are celebrated at the Emmy Awards. Some folks get to perform at these shows also, folks like Beyonce etc. She got her first Emmy Award. Read about it here

This is what an Emmy award looks like. Would you kill for it? #JustSaying

Just seeing this award in March for Media things. Quite a few media bigwigs were mentioned, Omojuwa, Olorisupergal, Bellanaija Check it out here

I recently heard about battle between Konga and Jumia. In case you are not online savvy, Konga is a sister company of DealDey and 3 stitches while Jumia is their rival. Clients had issues from both companies about delivery time, payment systems and customer support so if you can solve these issues, get in touch with these companies, now that is innovation.
Lots of espionage between both companies I am sure to dominate the market. I understand all these things but I don't think Joseph had to do all of these stuff. Joseph had insider information from God so when I am interested in dominating the market, I go for insider information.

Talk about business tactics and strategy and innovation to grow your business, if you are a woman, you should ask about the WOW series. 

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I have to talk about this. This world needs life. What do I mean? You can't keep quiet. A young lad was expelled from school in Tennessee because someone sneezed and he said, 'God bless you'. Does that sound like there is a devil on the looses? Yeah right! Try not to deceive yourself. Arm yourself with God's word, arm yourself with the blood of Jesus. Be alert!

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

This makes absolutely no sense...

I read this article in The New Yorker.
It is about climbing the crooked ladder.

That basically means crime.
I had a problem with the way the article was written
It seemed to suggest that because the only way up for the minority (In this case, italians, sicillians; the mafia) was to climb the ladder of success via crime

As always the article writer provided references of what the crime chasing families did in the 60s, 70s and 80s.
He was totally objective
While I recognize his objectivity, I understand that most if not all writing are done subconsciously with the intent to change another's way of thinking.
So as much as he was enjoying his writing, what he was really doing was justifying criminal activity.

I look at the bible and I think of Ruth, Esther, Joseph, David and all the ways in which they were the minority
I think of Shedrach, Meshack and Abednego and I know that as much as life's circumstances can throw you for a loop
What you decide to do and eventually do is a function of who you are (basic personality) or who you think you are.

All the above mentioned people started in difficult circumstances but rose to become premiers. They were leaders in a terrible time and their leadership saved thousands of people's lives. Is it Joseph? Or Ruth? Or Shedrach, Meshack and Abednego? Is it David or Rahab?
Joseph preserved Egypt and surrounding nations including his brothers by the wisdom of God that he brought to bear on business while working on behalf of Pharaoh.
Ruth preserved herself and her mother-in-law.
Shedrach Meshack and Abednego, by ruling righteously preserved the lives of several people who could have died at war by making decisions that pleased God.
Esther under the tutelage of Mordecai agreed to risk her life and saved the Israelites form annihilation.
David saved many men from war by living in a manner that pleased God
Rahab saved the Israelite and in turn her family got saved when she hid two spies during the march against Jericho.

All of us in our daily have a responsibility to live pleasing God so that His will may be done on earth. God always has His scheme of things and He is always about bringing the kingdom of God on earth and it is always for our good.

You need to know the truth first... read the word of God

So what am I saying?

There is no basis for crime to ever be right. No matter how many arguments or debates support it. Because no matter how many people support a lie, the support can never make a lie the truth.

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Meditation scripture
Romans 12:2
Do not be conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may approve the good, the acceptable and the perfect will of God.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

What I learned today.

Who knows the difference/

I think that 'learnt' is wrong English and 'learned' is the right English right now.

So what did I learn today?

"Being on the offensive and taking the initiative is a master key which opens the door to opportunity in your life"

Let me quote John L Mason again:

"Every morning when your feet hit the floor, you should be thinking on the offensive, reacting like an invader, taking control of the your day and your life".

You are your greatest asset
Invest in you
God didn't put you on the earth to occupy space
He put you on the earth to fulfil your purpose.

The only way you are going to fulfil purpose is if you are on the offensive everyday.

I am currently reading:
'An enemy called Average' - John L Mason
'The Gifts of the Holy Spirit' - Kenneth E Hagin
'Spiritual Growth' - John Bunyan

"As a man thinks in his heart, so is he"

You need to constantly be changing your heart and your thinking daily and growing and adding value to your environment, your office, your family, your friends and working towards the fulfilment of the purpose God has called you for.

Remember, be on the offensive; you will be all that God has called you to be.


Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Some things one will never understand as long as we view ourselves as human beings and not supernatural beings

Meditation for the day: I am a supernatural being. I am an alien in this world, a sourjourner travelling through to where I am from.

In other news:

I have had a long day.

I am going home.
I have accomplished a lot that is not normally on my plate

You know how it is easy to see your work as difficult but other people's work as easy, yeah, I experienced that today and it wasn't funny.

Home and my bed is calling and I am answering.

Beautiful quote:

Divine health is not something we are trying to get from God; it is something the devil is trying to take away from us! As long as people are trying to get health, they can't see themselves with it; and until they see themselves with it, they won't experience it - Jerry Savelle

It doesn't make sense except you are born of the Spirit and you know it.

Saturday, 9 August 2014


I don't worry o'er the future, For I know what Jesus said. And today I'll walk beside Him, For He knows what lies ahead."

So much is going on right now
I wanted to voice it out
I just didn't want to be termed paranoid
I asked my sis and she said 'end times'
What with Gaza fighting Israel
That's cause for laughing though because God is fighting for Israel
He's turning the rockets of Gaza-nians in the air
People are doing atrocious things
Like surrendering their children to be used as a shield against Israeli rockets
Does that make sense in any one's dictionary
Some American-Liberian invades Nigeria to transmit Ebola
Does that seem like something concocted in the natural?
Ignorant peeps like OfiliWrites now uses that as a reason to cut down Nigeria
I'm sorry I didn't see a solution in anything he said
He was someone I respected
I used to tell people that guy is forward thinking, he's an inventor
To think that he hates christians enough to write a whole lot of crap is appalling
So he's persona non grata to me now
I have to steer clear of his blog

And Christians, I aint saying, don't wash your hands
And don't take precautions, please do.
While you're doing it, remember that the horse is ready in the day of battle but safety is of the LORD
So please pray
Don't make me show you references of how that king who went to battle with Jehoshaphat as ally still got killed even though he was in a disguise in battle
He tricked Jehoshaphat to go into battle with him, his 400 prophets had already told him he'd win. Only one prophet told him what God was really saying.
Please, please don't let anyone steal the power of trusting God from you
Do wash your hand, carry out the precautions
But do stay prayer because this is more of a spiritual battle than a physical one

Tell your friends who want to drink salt to take communion instead
You can take communion everyday if it would help fight the fear
You can do communion in your house, all you need is bread and coke. Read. 1 Corinthians 11 or the book of John and acknowledge the death of Jesus and His resurrection
Find your confidence in Jesus being your passover lamb.
Stay in the finished works of God

Please get as many people saved as possible
Jesus is real, introduce them to Him then ask them to surrender their lives to the LORD

Ask them to confess Romans 10:9-10

Don't live in fear. Confess 1 Timothy 1:7 to yourself as many times as possible

Wash your hands but put meditate on the word of God. You can repeat 1 Timothy 1:7 make sure you are full of God's word in this season.

God is able to watch between you and me even while we are apart and keep us safe.

Isn't this better than salt and bitter kola, please share this.

Have a great weekend.
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Monday, 4 August 2014

The devil really is afraid of you no matter how weak you think you are.

This video really touched me deep inside in my spirit.

Whatever it is that makes you afraid, it has only come to attempt to stop you from living in the NOW
Refuse it the power to control you
Even when you think you are weak
FIGHT and make impact

I don't want to take the impact away, please watch the video
and when you forget who you are, watch it again.

As usual, someone shared it from this sight and I just thought let me watch.
Follow her blog and her facebook account here
and if you are a woman, follow her facebook site and get the access here.

PS. You will be seeing great pictures from me soon, like this evening...have a great week, accomplish

Friday, 1 August 2014

The twitter picture that got a retweet 3.5 million times or so and other things...

Eileen, Brad Pitt, Jolie, Lupita, Meryl Streep,  and so many other stars
Of course I don't like all these people.
I am finicky about those kinds of things.
I don't like Eileen cos she's gay and she promotes gay stuff. I hate unrighteousness.
I don't like Brad Pitt cos he's an adulterer, a blatant one.
I don't like Jolie, she's confused.
All I know is Meryl Streep's TV persona, she's amazing. I once watched a movie she acted when she was 20 or so. She wasn't as pretty as she is today. She grows finer as the days go by.

If you came on here to learn about twitter engagement and all, you can go here.
After you are done reading my post.
If you don't like fooling around on social media and only came on here to learn how to build your business and how to generally be an entrepreneur, a good one, go here.

So how was my week? It was too short. I did accomplish a lot but GTB didn't let me finish. Their systems were down. Frustrating! Since they were doing their best to rectify the problem, I couldn't complain.

You know, that is the key to building great systems. It is not being perfect because mistakes sometimes happen. It is having good customer service.

I can be so picky sometimes so I have told the Holy Ghost that this month I am working on patience, help me Lord. People will now start testing my patience and I have to respond in a Christ-like manner. I can't pull out my hair and yell at them like my flesh is telling me to.

I have to remember myself that I am crucified with Christ.

The other issue that God's spirit is helping me deal with is fear. I don't want to catch it from anyone. Every one is scared of the Ebola virus. I am protected and preserved in Jesus Christ. Me and mine. Meen, I am careful to pray to the Lord every morning to guide my steps and keep me and my family from harm. 

Have a good weekend. I intend to enjoy mine. 

Remember to wash your hands but inspite of the precautions, remember that God is greater!

I believe in divine healing. I believe in divine health more. Why bother to get sick at all?
This word has been in my spirit all week. People were talking about bad things all over and I kept quiet about Christ. Afterwards the Holy Ghost wouldn't let me be. So I just said, I would at least speak up and say what I believe.
The way I believe in Jesus Christ is the way I believe in divine healing and health.
To those who don't believe, good luck taking care of yourself.

I am glad that I have a God who can take care of me and take care of my family even when I am away from them.


Hiding your beliefs because of fear/shame/popular opinion is like denying yourself. I won't do that by the grace of God that is at work in me.