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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

If there is no creed, then what is the use?

I agree, (name withheld). This is a well-written essay. And I sympathize with the writer. I cannot make my Nigerian husband understand that his beliefs are no longer mine, even though I once shared them. I cannot talk to in-laws about religion and my lack of belief. I find the Unitarian Church comfortable and a good spiritual home – no creed attached!

Some lady said it. On a blog. It was a comment It was incredulous to me because God is evident in all creation.

What is a creed? 


 noun \ˈkrēd\

: a statement of the basic beliefs of a religion
: an idea or set of beliefs that guides the actions of a person or group
Dictionary: merriam-webster dictionary.

In essence the woman was saying she liked going to a church that didn't believe in anything and she felt uncomfortable in a church that had NO beliefs. Is that normal behaviour?

Assuming the founding fathers knew what would happen in America centuries after, they would have wept. She's married to a Nigerian and she says he keeps disturbing her. I am almost sure the guy is a nominal Christian but even he knows you can't serve two masters. If God makes you uncomfortable, the devil will be comfortable where you are.

I don't understand what the world is turning into. Everywhere I turn I see atheists and as much as it is making me preach more, It is also making me pray more, I know I can't reach them on my own. Because they didn't get that way on their own.

When people disappear, you know that something is going on, something serious.
The current left Behind movie. Look out for it. I have read all the books by the way.

It is influence. Some are under the influence of the Holy Spirit and some are under the influence of controlling spirits.

Passion for work, joy, peace, love, patience come under the influence of the Holy Spirit.

Fear, hate, anger, lust, greed, murder come under the influence of controlling spirits.

We are in the last days. When people express lethargy and lack of interest in life, it is controlling spirits, you should pray and keep praying (intercession) so that you can set the captive free and help them walk in liberty.

The current movie: Nicholas Cage is Chloe's dad, the character Jack Hayford

You should also take heed to yourself, maintain your daily devotions, there is just awesome power that is generated in the presence of God. You need more of the presence of God daily.

This earth is created to take you away from God. Everything on the earth wants to take your attention, it is your responsibility to pay attention to God's word, the Holy Spirit and to pray and minister the word to the people who have not known God.

We are in the last days. That places a responsibility on us. We have information that 7.5 billion people need so that they will not be condemned to hell. They need the gospel of Jesus Christ; don't hesitate to tell it. Don't be afraid of telling it. The only reason many Christians are alive is so that they will preach the gospel. 


P.S. Every atheist I meet from now onwards is going on a prayer list. The kingdom of darkness will be depopulated. As long as I have breathe in me, I will pray and preach. If someone meets me, it should be like meeting God, I should be able to communicate the life of God to them via the word of God with the help of the Holy Ghost. This is my call!

I belong to the kingdom of God and I am happy about it.

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