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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Some things one will never understand as long as we view ourselves as human beings and not supernatural beings

Meditation for the day: I am a supernatural being. I am an alien in this world, a sourjourner travelling through to where I am from.

In other news:

I have had a long day.

I am going home.
I have accomplished a lot that is not normally on my plate

You know how it is easy to see your work as difficult but other people's work as easy, yeah, I experienced that today and it wasn't funny.

Home and my bed is calling and I am answering.

Beautiful quote:

Divine health is not something we are trying to get from God; it is something the devil is trying to take away from us! As long as people are trying to get health, they can't see themselves with it; and until they see themselves with it, they won't experience it - Jerry Savelle

It doesn't make sense except you are born of the Spirit and you know it.
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