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Friday, 1 August 2014

The twitter picture that got a retweet 3.5 million times or so and other things...

Eileen, Brad Pitt, Jolie, Lupita, Meryl Streep,  and so many other stars
Of course I don't like all these people.
I am finicky about those kinds of things.
I don't like Eileen cos she's gay and she promotes gay stuff. I hate unrighteousness.
I don't like Brad Pitt cos he's an adulterer, a blatant one.
I don't like Jolie, she's confused.
All I know is Meryl Streep's TV persona, she's amazing. I once watched a movie she acted when she was 20 or so. She wasn't as pretty as she is today. She grows finer as the days go by.

If you came on here to learn about twitter engagement and all, you can go here.
After you are done reading my post.
If you don't like fooling around on social media and only came on here to learn how to build your business and how to generally be an entrepreneur, a good one, go here.

So how was my week? It was too short. I did accomplish a lot but GTB didn't let me finish. Their systems were down. Frustrating! Since they were doing their best to rectify the problem, I couldn't complain.

You know, that is the key to building great systems. It is not being perfect because mistakes sometimes happen. It is having good customer service.

I can be so picky sometimes so I have told the Holy Ghost that this month I am working on patience, help me Lord. People will now start testing my patience and I have to respond in a Christ-like manner. I can't pull out my hair and yell at them like my flesh is telling me to.

I have to remember myself that I am crucified with Christ.

The other issue that God's spirit is helping me deal with is fear. I don't want to catch it from anyone. Every one is scared of the Ebola virus. I am protected and preserved in Jesus Christ. Me and mine. Meen, I am careful to pray to the Lord every morning to guide my steps and keep me and my family from harm. 

Have a good weekend. I intend to enjoy mine. 

Remember to wash your hands but inspite of the precautions, remember that God is greater!

I believe in divine healing. I believe in divine health more. Why bother to get sick at all?
This word has been in my spirit all week. People were talking about bad things all over and I kept quiet about Christ. Afterwards the Holy Ghost wouldn't let me be. So I just said, I would at least speak up and say what I believe.
The way I believe in Jesus Christ is the way I believe in divine healing and health.
To those who don't believe, good luck taking care of yourself.

I am glad that I have a God who can take care of me and take care of my family even when I am away from them.


Hiding your beliefs because of fear/shame/popular opinion is like denying yourself. I won't do that by the grace of God that is at work in me.
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