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Thursday, 16 October 2014

I wrote this post last week but I was too busy to send it, and I didn't want to send it unedited...

Mine was pretty tough
Not enough time
That is typically the expectation for my age
I will have time enough to rest when I am old and grey.

My first WOW DIVAS. The pretty lady next to me is Ola Awodipe. She is Noir Diva. 

Good news
Versatile Nigerian invited me to share my story here:
It is a humble one but I am certain it will bless someone.
I promise you, I will write from my heart.

Bad News:
They took Linda's blog down

Good News
I just heard that this is what she was earning. Read it yourself.

Linda Ikeji, owner of one of the top ten most visited websites in Nigeria, is generally quiet about her income, but it is estimated at about $900,000 (N140m), revenue generated from ads and sponsored content. 

Eventually found out the following week that her site was brought down and everyone got talking on how important it is to build your house. Later found out that it was a ruse. They needed traffic for their blogs, they needed Nigeria to get talking and I was actually impressed by their publicist skills.
I also built my house at

Bad News

I can't remember any. Okay let me say I was really sad to hear that they were robbing at Ijora yesterday. I was safe on Orile road when I heard the gist. But then my safety doesn't depend on the road I am on, the One who looks after me doesn't slumber or sleep, He is too alert to sleep on the job. He has promised to take care of me and mine and I am holding Him to His word.

Good news

There is a lot of work to do this week. This was last week. This week is awesome. I have a lot of social media strategies to put to work, analyze and rework. I am expecting amazing strategies to spring out of my grey matter and much profit and I know that it is coming.

Looking dazzling!

Last weekend I was at the wow divas meet at the Oriental Hotel.
WOW DIVAS means 'Women of Worth Divinely Inspired Victorious Anointed Sisters

Random day at work

By the grace of God I qualify to be a wow diva. I had a great time listening to other divinely inspired and anointed sisters. It is awesome to know that you have worth. Those who do not know are a problem to themselves and their world because they don't know their purpose. Just look at the pics.

For enquiries about wow diva: visit

I remember having a vision of working with women, something I wrote down about the areas I would like to impact the world, something I have a heart for and a passion to drive me. I sense God is leading me somewhere, Holy Spirit help me learn what I need to know o. I know how much I sometime like to drive myself instead of letting the Spirit of God lead me. Don't let me go the wrong way. I prefer it when you are the one deciding the coordinates of my life, I am not very good with a map.

I don fine sha, even though I no dey smile at least my heart dey smile.

Here are some of the pictures taken:

Fabulous wow divas
Their twitter account is @iWomanofWorth or email to learn about the Women of Worth.

P.S. I manage this site

The pretty lady in black and blue is the owner of the site written above. The wow divas thingy is her vision. It is absolutely amazing. Women are doing things o. God knows He can trust us with money and other things. She is at @udookonjo on twitter.

The other two ladies are Christians too.

The first one got to know intimacy with God when she was in a car accident and was paralysed for 2 years. She used to be on her face before God worshipping Him. We need God o. It would be great to learn to be intimate with Him without adversity. She is at @yodifiji on twitter

The lady in the middle is the phenomenal Dr. Ada Igonor who survived Ebola. She is at @DrAdaora on twitter.

One of the things you can learn is how to be an entrepreneur, learn what rich people know instead of trying to beg them for money. How long are you going to beg? That is not sustainable. Personally I have suffered rather than begged because i know what my destination looks like. I would work/serve till I get there because "Kings don't beg, they make decrees".

Another thing is to not spend all that you have, don't consume it all. Live life investing the resources in your dreams. If you don't have dreams, you should have some, even bigger ones everyday. If you live life without investing the resources you get in your dream, you would start living an empty life.

I remember being afraid of suffering my final year in college. I had just N15,000 on me (it had been delivered to me via my s) and I knew that it wouldn't carry me through the session. I was squatting with someone who didn't care deeply about me so I was suffering financially and emotionally. My elder sister was working in Yaba at the time. I agonized all day about giving the money or holding on to it and seeing how long it would last. I had been living on the hats I was making in school and my family was going through a rough time so they couldn't help. 

I was externally calm because my flesh didn't want to give the money, it wanted to eat the 'little cake and die' like the widow at Zarephat. My spirit knew what I ought to do. I was going through a storm along with my family and I didn't know the way out but God knew.

 I took my sister out to Mr. Biggs and I had lunch. I needed to quench the hunger so that I could think straight. Somewhere in between eating lunch, I was thinking about the N15,000 with anger. I was mad at the devil. I had been baptized with the Holy Ghost and I knew because I felt His tangible presence everyday but in the physical everything was going wrong and I didn't knwo what to do. I hugged my sister and continued on my way to unilag.

That evening, I went for fellowship, I never mentioned anything to anyone except my sister (she is also a dangerous giver) because some people who move by sight would have talked me out of it. I barely heard what the preacher was saying: there were no words that could calm the turmoil going on inside me. I just knew that I was going to abandon myself to God. In the year 2003, something about a quarter of the year, I went to the altar at my college (I had since dropped out of the workforce: the words weren't touching my heart because I was cold inside, where it mattered and I don't act or pretend) I knew that David and other people danced to the altar, I couldn't dance, I had in my bag N15, 000, I paid a tithe (at the time I used to double tithe) of N3000 and gave a seed of N10,000 and I had just N2,000 in my bag (less because I took my sister out to Mr. Biggs; I was determined that poverty would not kill me because God has delivered me from poverty and I must see the manifestation). When I dropped it, I imagined people saying, why doesn't she hold on to that? Why? She looks so bad already. How will she eat? I shut down my imagination because sometimes it can be my enemy.

After I had given the money, I just slept because I was like, if the devil wants to kill me in my sleep let Him try. Whatever, I am in God's plan for my life. I have done what He has said. I slept off. I forgot about the money and put my hope and faith in what God will do. I had decided not to trust in money that could not take care of me for 3 months when I had so long to go before my graduation from college. It was a battle I couldn't believe I was having. I felt like I was watching someone else in a movie because life is supposed to go smoothly for me. I am the poster child, the special ones.

I walked back to my hostel, glad that I had given a sacrificial seed (I don't think anyone ask for it specially) but I know that I believed in God and my faith in God was being challenged and I was determined not to disappoint God. I wasn't going to trust in money. Well days later I met a dear friend who asked me to come and stay with her. I wanted to hop out of where I was staying but God loves Christians and the girl who allowed me move in with her might have been offended so I stayed so that she would know I was not ungrateful but after exams when school resumed I moved in with this friend to a much peaceful room for me. I met 7 very lovely ladies who sheltered me (there is a difference between having a roof over your head and being sheltered, they fed me, clothed me, laughed with me, gisted with me; it was as if God prepared them for me).
I had people divinely positioned all through graduating, NYSC, etc, I didn't pay for many things, I was getting free things from all over without asking so that my pride and dignity would be protected even though I was receiving help. 

There were times I cried and I wailed and I learned what Romans 8:36 not sure (nothing can separate me from the love of God) the hard way. I say the hard way because even as I screamed those prayers I doubted them because I was just so hungry, I had never been hungry like that in my life apart from Tuesday fasts which I had just learned in 2001 and 2002. What kind of fearsome trial is this that I am forced to be hungry in college and I will not beg because "Kings don't beg". I would cry and rage and in the midst of the raging and near despair I would be screaming the prayers out loud and be in tongues because I know the God who touched me on the 4th of September 2001 after I had been born again for 6 months.

The things that He did and showed me challenged my intelligence. I had learned early to trust in my intelligence and all that I trusted in was falling apart so that all that I could hold on to was God and when I thought that I had had enough, something bigger came again. It was in those times I learned to chase God's word. I would read it over and over and underline it. 

So I know what it is like to be helped by God

I call Him faithful
My el-shaddai who feeds every area of my life, me and my fam. 

I didn't come from humble beginnings, my parents have had terrific opportunities but I have been humbled not by poverty but by God who is the author of divine orchestrations, amidst circumstances that would cause others to cower God has shown Himself to be my strength, my provider, my direction, the lover of my soul, my healer, my sanctifier. I am ready for whatever He is ready for. He is my el-shaddai

The faithfulness of God from 2001-2004 April. There's so much more!

Lessons: God is not a coincidence. Neither are the things that He does a coincidence. He always has a plan. Trust in Him. Take your eyes off people and circumstances and put it on Him
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