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Friday, 24 October 2014

If we did all the things we are capable of doing...

If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves - Thomas A Edison

I got this from a book titled "The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You are To Where You Want To Be" by Jack Canfield

The first lesson in the book is to take 100% responsibility for your life.

As I am talking some people are probably thinking what about if you have home trouble. He is not talking to some people with this book, he is talking to everyone. He says, "Take 100% responsibility for your life".

Plus those times when you think the devil's from your village are trying to stop you, yes. At all times take 100% responsibility because then you can do what you think while God does what He can.

One minister who inspire me a lot says, "There's nothing stopping you from becoming what God wants you to become".

You are a KING. Jesus made you one with the new birth. Don't let anyone mock it out of you. Agree with God. Your ruler-ship on earth depends on you accepting this truth. 

I lived all of 2013 believing that there was something stopping me from becoming what God wants to be. I was praying all through the year but my beliefs were not lining up because I was not responsible for 100% of my life. I was not taking responsibility. I left loose ends everywhere. I evaluated the year and I was not satisfied and I didn't want 10 more years like that and I believe God promise that He made to Abraham is also to me and so I decided that I wanted change.

Kings exercise dominion over the earth and not over other people, they bring heaven to earth by obeying Kingdom principles (Anyone remember the sermon on the mount, you think it will make you weaker but you are actually stronger).

I made a U-turn and decided to start over, I decided to take responsibility for my life that as God and the angels are doing their part, I should be doing my part also and responding to the provision from heaven and that even if I think some forces are against me, I must, I choose to trust that the whole of heaven is for me and I should act that way if not I will not see the provision that God has made and that opposition should make me move even faster than I am moving now. God is restoring but if I don't believe, I won't see or experience the things that He is restoring. That even if all the devils of hell come against me and mine, the forces who cast them out of heaven are greater than them and those forces are for me.

When man fell from grace, he lost the glory. With new birth, we got the glory back, we are crowned with glory and honor.

"Greater is He who lives in you than he who lives in the world"

You can either tell a sob story or you can chart a course with God's help to get to the place that He intended to take you to when he made you.

Stand up today and take 100% responsibility for your life, for all the areas of your life.

Creation: Genesis 1-3 Meditate on it!

Confession: "There is nothing stopping me from becoming all that God wants me to be"

If this is truly so, let us today do all the things that we are capable of doing, write them down and accomplish them. If you are spiritual (a heir of salvation who has experienced new birth in Christ and been washed in the blood of Jesus), that is great, all of heaven is backing you today, you can't be stopped. If you aren't spiritual, do all that you are capable of, don't let fear, procrastination, selfishness, anger stop you. Don't be mediocre, invest 3% of your income in developing yourself, become great and change the world (although I pray that you would come to the knowledge of Christ crucified).

Don't let nothing stop you, you are created to rule the earth, Gen 1:26

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