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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Reeva Steenkamp was murdered on Valentines day in 2013 by her boyfriend Oscar Pistorious

They looked fabulous together.
She is not quite reed thing, she look fabulous and even though he literally has no legs (he was amputated at 11 months) he still looks good in a suit.

I read the full story here

From the text messages that were read out in court, they were saying all the right things to themselves so I wonder why they had to end up like this on valentine day of all days.
No one is more aware of the word 'love' on valentine day. Heck on valentine I don't expect three to six bullets to enter into my body through a bathroom door. And after all is said and done, I get no justice. That happened to Reeva but I can feel the pain of her parents. It's not fair.

It is done though. She is dead and buried. I am sure her bones remain but there is no flesh left definitely and the man who killed her will spend 10 months in prison and then house arrest for the remaining 4 years and 2 months.

She is so pretty and I have so much advice to give her but it's too late, she has lived her life. Oscar will live with the memories because as one soldier said to another in a movie I watched "Do you think it is easy to kill another human being?" So even if he is callous or really sorry, he will live with the memories of what he has done.

I should feel some satisfaction that he's going to jail if only for ten months but I feel nothing. I just wonder if Reeva had known eternal life? Did she?
I wonder if Oscar would want to have eternal life? Would he?

All that happens from birth to death, if you don't meet with Jesus, it would all just be a waste of time and a waste of human life for them not to encounter eternal life.
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