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Thursday, 20 November 2014

This week: Picmonkey

Last week I got Udemy certified.
I became certified

Here's my certificate:


I also went for a United Nations seminar on Woman Entrepreneur. There were so many amazing women there, both speakers and attendees. Unfortunately I don't have a selfie. Here's a picture of the event. I think there were over 300 women present.

Guest Speakers: Three of them 

Women at the Women Entrepreneurs Day

I work as a social media manager. I am a new media person and I manage this site here.
It is currently under constructions, drats that you can't see it now!

There's also this group on Facebook that speaks to the woman of worth inside you. I don't care how many people have put you down, talked you down or tried to bury you in nasty words, God thinks that you are a woman of worth and on this site you will meet spirit-filled women of grace who know what it is to have opposition but still rise above it and win and become successful women in their careers and successful wives and mothers and are committed to building the next generation. They are by no means perfect but are committed to building themselves and other women up. Who better to build you up than someone who has built themselves up also. They are here.

So here's my selfie, I designed it on Picmonkey. That is the new tool I learned for the week.

Yay! I am looking professional already and I like it. 
I love what I am doing presently.
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