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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Bigger Goals...

I love setting big goals
Yeah, I do
I thought fear was totally dead
I find it is something that I have to deal with everyday and I think that is a good thing
Don't mind me

I have not forgotten that He didn't give me a spirit of fear
Fear will choke your dreams if you let it
If you let it, you will live a lacklustre life
That sound like a city on a hill
That's who God says that you are
And He's right

Not because he can't see your glaring inadequacies but because he's your help
This is a why you should set big dreams
Small dreams of will not draw on that man inside you
Small dreams will make you adapt to 59% or 73%
Big dreams will bring out the 100 and 290 % inside you.
Big dreams will make you draw on God
Achieving them will cause you to be delighted in God
Reach higher because you were made for more

The Spirit of man is a candle of the Lord searching the inward parts

Lord I don't know all that is in me, I ask that you light me up by Your Spirit and cause me to make eternal discoveries in Jesus name, amen.

Never choose ordinary when there is extraordinary.
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