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Friday, 30 January 2015

I Didn't Know That My Journey Would Bring Me Here


There is wholeness in my spirit, I am garrisoned around about me with peace. The Holy Ghost leads me through my spirit. I am one with God's Spirit.

He leads me beside the still waters, He restores my soul...

I tell of the righteousness of God because outside of Him I am irrelevant when you consider eternity. My business is growing. My walk with God is growing. My soul is restored. He yet restores my soul because opportunities to be offended are everywhere but I choose love, I choose to respond in love because I represent another kingdom.

I am attending a business fair and if you are an entrepreneur I invite you to come and attend and learn how to join the big leagues. I know you want to get bigger, and exercise dominion over the market and be lifted up and all those wonderful things Abraham had.

Business things...serious matter
So see the flier that I have to share with you.

Have you heard of Connect Nigeria Business Fair?

Register by clicking this link

Who heard about Pastor Sam Adeyemi's free cd that can be delivered to your house? It is just today that you can get it but I am getting it to learn about leadership and getting my business on track so this 2015 is turbo year. I am getting all the knowledge I can about building your business by Christian principles

Finally there is a difference between following the leading of the Spirit and living by the flesh. My prayer is that I would always know the difference.

My path is shining brighter and brighter. I expected the favour of God, I just didn't count on the envy that follows it. I am getting used to it though. It is a part of the package, can't take one without the other but I am ever grateful and thankful to God for His divine orchestration on my life. It shows me that He is there if I needed proof.

I should talk to God more...He makes things easier!

There is something for the writers in March. Watch out.
Writers, Authors, Published and Unpublished

A famous writer would be in town amongst other writers, start planning for it because you have to be there.
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