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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Road Maps, Coordinates, Beacons, Destinations, the Holy Ghost Knows Them All

I always used to ask what kept Noah steadfast building an ark for 100 years. He must have had an element of crazy or he trusted God a lot.

I'd be reading Hebrew 11 and I'd say, how did his family react to his decision to build an ark when the rain (I don't think those people had ever experienced rain because the ground provided enough water to grow the crops) and he just kept on following  the measurements he had been given by God.

"Guess who was laughing when the doors of the ark was finally closed by God and the rain began to fall?"

That was my teenage thought. Knowing God better now, he wasn't laughing. Noah wasn't either. God was operating through Noah on earth. He is not willing that any perish. The one through whom God is operating on earth has the emotions of God. God must have wept.

God is just. He's also compassionate. An ark is still been built today. The church is still being built today. People are still being built today. People are still being built today. So that we will look great and accomplish something great. Maybe. That is not number 1 though. Our number 1 is to accomplish God's goal on earth. His agenda. Key into His end time agenda, reach the people for Him. Give God priority. He honours the man who gives Him priority. Let Him guide your thoughts, words and actions. Be conscious that Jesus is watching you, not to score you and to say, "Yes, I knew you would fail". That is not the Father's heart. He's watching over you, to strengthen your feeble knees and teaching your hands to be strong and directing your aim. He's watching over you, saying, " You go girl, I will carry you, I will help you, you will not lack anything, you are provided for, keep moving".

The crowd of witnesses are not silent either, they say, 'Keep moving, don't stop, don't worry you will always know what to do, just keep listening to the Holy Ghost. You will fulfill purpose. Nothing can stop you, keep moving. You are led by the Spirit of God. Nothing about what you do everyday is ordinary. You have heavenly reinforcements and heavenly support on your side. Your angels are on guard, always prepared, you are protected. All that is yours is protected. All that you require has already been provided.

Keep communication lines open and you will be fine.


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