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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

I used to hate submission until I discovred that was the safest place to be in

Have you read my article on Connect Nigeria on Money?
I woke up to see a picture of Heather’s blog and her picture was on submission. Of course I stole the picture and it is credited to Heather.

It just reminds me of how I wrestled against submission and submitting and why the woman must always be submitting to everyone. Why can’t she take care of herself? After all she is educated and independent.

I listened to all the scriptures that backed the truth of submission and what broke through me was that resisting authority is like resisting or fighting God and that a Christian should not be in that position. At all times I am for the kingdom of God in words and action and that includes not speaking against men of God. God make me a faithful steward over the words of my lips so that my conscience would be clear towards you.

It was “hit and miss” for a bit because I was used to making my decisions for me. I had been independent for as long as I can remember. Now I have met this great God whom I love and I love Him because “Why would He do such awesome things for me, more than I can imagine and I wouldn’t love Him?” It was not as payment o because I was a stickler for perfection. If it were payment I would draw back. I regret nothing and I owe no one nothing, after all I am always right.
I learned to submit to God and to His word. I am still learning daily.
I learned to yield to the Holy Ghost.
I learned to yield to walking in love. I am still learning.
I learned to submit to my parent’s big fight against me. Story for another day.
I learned to submit to my pastors, in the Lord. Story for another day too. I had to suppress my mouth so much and surrender to the holy Ghost instructions constantly to win.

When it comes to single women, you submit to your parents and to your pastors. You are not to submit to other men or boyfriends and they are not responsible to lead you. They may offer advise as friends but they are not responsible in the eyes of God to take the leadership role in your life. You are to submit to your friends to maintain peace but not t submit to be led by them even though they can give you counsel. Godly counsel only binds you though (Psalms 1). You are to submit to older women to learn from them but godly counsel only binds you also.

When it comes to married women, the next highest person’s authority you come under after God is your spouse. Be sure that you can surrender to his leadership before marriage to him, after all is said and done, trust his leadership. Submit in the Lord.

When you are in this position, there is power on your head and you have power with God. Pray daily and cultivate a relationship with God. Here is where you influence things. You are not subject to the whims and caprices of man because of God’s sovereignty. Pray to God, pray over your spiritual life, pray for the authority that is over you. Pray for your family. Pray more than you talk. Pray and talk with God about everything. Ask for favour with the authority over you, ask for grace to walk in peace always and to please God in all that you do and say and think. You need the power of God to please God second to having a willingness to please God.

Stay in that position. Temptation will come from all around you to shift you out of that position. As soon as you notice you are wrongly position. Repent and return to God and ask for His help to stay obedient and then as much as you want to complain or murmur or argue, change those things to tongues, speak in tongues and ask the Holy Ghost to help you remain rightly positioned and help you maintain peace and help you pray. 

Ask the Holy ghost for power to pray, power to obey, power to speak the word above everything else that is fighting to have forefront above God. Give God first place. Put on the armour of God and the good fight of faith. You will win if you stay focused on Jesus. Let nothing and no one distract you.

Live a life which pleases God. When you please God, you will know. He will always show up to comfort you and lead you in the paths of righteousness.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Life is about getting better everyday.

I believe that the best life to live is the life Jesus gave.
I believe that success is about doing what God has asked of you and being positioned where He has asked you to stay.

Today as I research for a lovely article I will be sharing later today, I think you would love to see this article I saw about Kerry Washington. Read it here.

Photo Credit: Marie Claire

I love the way Kerry carries herself and her fashion sense is smart, chic and modest. She goes to church at the Potters House, is married to a Nigeria and her mother in law names her Amarachi. If I like you, I like you, no two ways. Is that even a phrase? In the interview sha, she came across as smart, engaging and upwardly mobile and she brought a gift for the person interviewing her.

What? Sometimes I just think "Tess, you are so razz, where are your manners?" I should be going out and bringing gifts for people even if only because of courtesy but it would be great if my heart was in it cos then that would be graciousness. Right. Those are my dreams, who I am. Help me O God.

Read my last article on how to win three digital cameras. Read it here
Photo Credit: Google Images

The camera game is getting traction but not as much traction as I would expect. I don't get it Nigerian youths, why would you prefer N 1, 000 to a digital camera? You guys are crazy o. Please get involved. I cannot begin talking about all of the ways that a digital camera can change your business if you are a fashion blogger, regular blogger, an entrepreneur or just a professional house wife, there is honor in all labour. 

Word of the week:

If you follow me on Facebook, you have probably seen it already but it is still my word for the week/month.

"Yet not I..."

"I am crucified with Christ nevertheless I live yet not I but Christ lives in me, the life I now live in the flesh, I live by the faith of the son of God who died and gave Himself for me"

There is so much in this statement but let me just pick some out. When you pray, don't ever think that you are struggling to muster up faith because you are loved. Because you are loved by God, you are not using your faith but the faith of the son of God who died and gave Himself for you. So you always have access to God who loves you. Just talk to Him...

Day or night, he is waiting to listen to you and help you feel better in your soul so that you can have peace to do the things He asks you to do. So that is all I will be focusing on this day. 


Also, thank you everyone that came for the business fair, it was a huge success. Looking forward to seeing you there next year. Meanwhile, practice, practice all that you learned in your business so that it will grow so that we will give testimony next year, it is not for play o, it is for life. 

Photo Credit: Connect Nigeria

Monday, 9 March 2015

I was born for this time... and "Do you want to win a digital camera?"

I love all things writing, reading and sharing information. I had a great weekend. So many changes up on the horizon by the grace of God.

I am thankful for my dreams/visions. There is nothing like living without a dream. Blogging helped me express my dreams just fine. I woke up today and rushed to work not totally all together (forgive me for slipping up) any looking good at all was up to the Holy Ghost o, I should have been washed out considering the kind of weekend I had. Thank God for the Holy Ghost, He makes me look good, I cannot take the credit for anything.

I got to work and saw what my sister from another mother put up. She is this amazing writer called Francesca Onomarie. It is about inspiring women. I am so into developing the Nigerian woman that even if I don't like you, I will support you. Na so e be for me. Read about the women here. They were so many and I was glad about it.

Photo Credit: From the article in the link above.
I found this blog while browsing through Sisiyemmie's blog. I am subscribed to so many newsletters you will pity my gmail address. In case you don't have it, it is I saw this silly contract that women were asked to sign. I wish I could just compare it with the men's own but why bother. The solution to that thingy though is to find your identity in Christ and fulfill your destiny. I can't dedicate my life to fighting battle that won't end. To read the letter, click on the link and see the contracts women signed back in the day.

Money won't make you happy but you need to be financially empowered to establish God's kingdom on earth. I listen to 5 messages that teach on why you should add value to this earth and be remunerated and how the purpose of money is to establish the covenant, every week. I take renewing my mind seriously and so should you.

Read a guy's version that talks about women having changed or not changed in the last 60 years or so. Have they? My grandma used to say yes, all the time. I believe that we have, only not as fast as we would expect.  

Want to win a digital camera? Do so by clicking here. Fulfill the criterion listed and in three weeks time you get to be the proud owner of a digital camera.

There's a writers conference coming up around the corner. You have no idea how I searched the internet for writer's gatherings so that I could fulfill my calling and I found none. So since I know that there are so many other people like me (Lol, as unique as I am but seriously I tell the truth and no lie, I am unique) I am putting the word out, a writers conference is around the corner so keep your nose to the ground so that the train doesn't leave you.

On wholeness of the soul: I just want to put in that your heart is so very important in what God wants to do in your life. Don't let it get hard. Protect it. Guard it. Forgive. Don't carry anger and resentment in your heart. If it is difficult, ask the Holy Ghost to help you. I have been doing a lot of weeding lately abi the Holy Ghost has been doing a lot of weeding, on my own, I couldn't have made it and so I am very grateful that He is still interested in working on my very weeded out heart. It is in much better shape.

Don't think I didn't fight it? BUT the Holy Ghost and I have an agreement. He is allowed to break through my defenses and take out what doesn't help me and put in what does, for my own good. My early Christianity, I made so many promises and so many vows. You are allowed to correct me, you are allowed to lead me. Stop me when I am going my own way. Don't hesitate to get involved.

When He starts telling me what to do, I get mad but ultimately His leading always turns out to be for my good. So Holy Spirit, take the lead, by grace I will follow. I am a sheep (not goat). I follow God's voice. 

Have you read my novel?

Friday, 6 March 2015

Is this responsible?

This link is disgusting

Nigerians have their share of this sickening attribute

Sani Yerima: His divorce and remarriage to another young girl

Former Kogi State Governor married a 12 year old too

Does this show the ugly side of sharia laws or what?

I know that I don't want my kids being married off at the age of 12. Just read the horrible things happening that sharia law supports.

Please help us and don't let anyone islamize Nigeria?
Fight for your freedom

If you let them have their way, you will not even be able to complain about anything you will be in bondage.

Monday, 2 March 2015

She's every woman and none... not a poem!

She this...
She that...
She all perfect
She not perfect
It seems to give me a headache

Yes, I know character matters
I am working at it
Yes I know virtue matters
He is working on that

What does the finished product look like?
I don’t know cos I am still headed there
What does God want?
I don’t know yet cos so many voices
So many opinions
Seems like deja vu all over again

I don’t know it all
But I will know what matters when the time is right
Right now I just need to slide out from under the weight of everyone’s expectations
And to rise up
I am awake and alert and I guess the series of circumstances that brought me to this place are of His making
It is all good, it is a good place rather

It is like old times again
Golden girl, she will do everyone proud
Can I just do me proud?
Can I just do God proud?
Cos I will never succeed at doing everyone proud
The list of expectations is different for each person

I don’t do very well under pressure or scrutiny for that matter
Scrutiny is at best fault finding, at worst, love, no I don’t think so
It doesn’t really matter anyway; I wonder why I cared so much instead of just letting go
I am learning but really only One person’s expectations matter
Cos for everyone else it is always changing
I refuse to be on any one’s pedestal because it is just a replay of the heroes past
They place you on a pedestal only to bring you crashing on a whim
You are only just a chess piece most times in the games humans play
Cos no matter how much we deny it, our humanity gets the better of us a lot of times

In the eyes of God though, you are one and only, apple of His eyes
He won’t change His mind tomorrow on a whim and caprice, He is that constant
It took me a while to get it but I do now, I truly do
Just want to be me, don’t want to be anyone’s mirror image
I want to be the ‘me’ God sees when He looks at me.

I know of eternal life, I have perceived it
Still in spite of the new creation that I am
When I place my arm on my hand or my head, what I feel is very human
Yet eternity is just as tangible; as least to me
God is just as real to me so when all is said and done I run to your throne and say
Why on earth won’t you speak to me, to my heart?
You have no answer for me but in the stillness of the day I place my hand on my heart
And you are there.
It is no poetry either
I wonder, what does all of this mean? I hate not being in control
At least I like to imagine that I control some things, lol!

At least the Most High the sovereign One is innately good and in that I find safety
The heart of men, hmmm Only Jesus knows jare
The rest of us, we are safe in His hands
O what wretched souls that we can be when we don’t consider Him
I would be lost without Him but gratefully I am not
I am safe and secure in Him!

I am learning to be silent again and in the midst of the silence to listen...

I am certain that this is my path though and since it is, it must mean that I have all that I need to walk in it because He always provides, of that I am sure
He’s a provider after all and He’s promised that I will never lack any good thing.
So it seems that sounds like faith, tis a good place

You’re the leader O Lord, I am tired of wrestling with You, can I just rest in You?
Let me know which steps to take and I will do them by Your grace


This is not a poem, tis just thoughts