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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

I used to hate submission until I discovred that was the safest place to be in

Have you read my article on Connect Nigeria on Money?
I woke up to see a picture of Heather’s blog and her picture was on submission. Of course I stole the picture and it is credited to Heather.

It just reminds me of how I wrestled against submission and submitting and why the woman must always be submitting to everyone. Why can’t she take care of herself? After all she is educated and independent.

I listened to all the scriptures that backed the truth of submission and what broke through me was that resisting authority is like resisting or fighting God and that a Christian should not be in that position. At all times I am for the kingdom of God in words and action and that includes not speaking against men of God. God make me a faithful steward over the words of my lips so that my conscience would be clear towards you.

It was “hit and miss” for a bit because I was used to making my decisions for me. I had been independent for as long as I can remember. Now I have met this great God whom I love and I love Him because “Why would He do such awesome things for me, more than I can imagine and I wouldn’t love Him?” It was not as payment o because I was a stickler for perfection. If it were payment I would draw back. I regret nothing and I owe no one nothing, after all I am always right.
I learned to submit to God and to His word. I am still learning daily.
I learned to yield to the Holy Ghost.
I learned to yield to walking in love. I am still learning.
I learned to submit to my parent’s big fight against me. Story for another day.
I learned to submit to my pastors, in the Lord. Story for another day too. I had to suppress my mouth so much and surrender to the holy Ghost instructions constantly to win.

When it comes to single women, you submit to your parents and to your pastors. You are not to submit to other men or boyfriends and they are not responsible to lead you. They may offer advise as friends but they are not responsible in the eyes of God to take the leadership role in your life. You are to submit to your friends to maintain peace but not t submit to be led by them even though they can give you counsel. Godly counsel only binds you though (Psalms 1). You are to submit to older women to learn from them but godly counsel only binds you also.

When it comes to married women, the next highest person’s authority you come under after God is your spouse. Be sure that you can surrender to his leadership before marriage to him, after all is said and done, trust his leadership. Submit in the Lord.

When you are in this position, there is power on your head and you have power with God. Pray daily and cultivate a relationship with God. Here is where you influence things. You are not subject to the whims and caprices of man because of God’s sovereignty. Pray to God, pray over your spiritual life, pray for the authority that is over you. Pray for your family. Pray more than you talk. Pray and talk with God about everything. Ask for favour with the authority over you, ask for grace to walk in peace always and to please God in all that you do and say and think. You need the power of God to please God second to having a willingness to please God.

Stay in that position. Temptation will come from all around you to shift you out of that position. As soon as you notice you are wrongly position. Repent and return to God and ask for His help to stay obedient and then as much as you want to complain or murmur or argue, change those things to tongues, speak in tongues and ask the Holy Ghost to help you remain rightly positioned and help you maintain peace and help you pray. 

Ask the Holy ghost for power to pray, power to obey, power to speak the word above everything else that is fighting to have forefront above God. Give God first place. Put on the armour of God and the good fight of faith. You will win if you stay focused on Jesus. Let nothing and no one distract you.

Live a life which pleases God. When you please God, you will know. He will always show up to comfort you and lead you in the paths of righteousness.
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