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Monday, 27 April 2015

My latest post

I had much to blog about. I had to sort through and pick just one thing that could communicate a particular message.

Browsing through Adedoyin's blog helped.

I saw this.

Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up; does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil; does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

I decided to do what she did and score myself.

Love suffers long and is kind:
I am still kind by the grace of God. It is a choice and the nature of God so I agree. Do I suffer long? I have set some limits but when God says, "my friend". I jejely suffer long instead of crying out against perceived wrongs. Abeg without the spirit of God I am a quiet person. What keeps me loving and acting right is the influence of the Holy Spirit.

Love does not envy:
I don't have a bone for envy. I can look and say that is nice or not nice but I don't have a bone that can envy by the grace of God. It is not a challenge.

Love does not parade itself:
I don't parade myself but I parade my abilities sometimes and I know they are good. I learned early in life that "a gift makes room for you". I know a lot of people interpret it as buying a gift for someone, sometimes that is just backhanded and underhanded bribery but what do I know? Different strokes. Your gift, what God has gifted you with will bring you before the kings/queens of great nations, keep at it.

is not puffed up:
I am not puffed up o, just quiet, at times and then sassy. Others may have a different opinion though because I have found that when you don't talk much people can use their imagination and create their own characters straight out of their head. I do the same thing. I am just not as unkind to be sharing stuff that I created. I don't believe I am puffed up at all. 

does not behave rudely:
I am never rude. I just exit the building instead of being rude. Wetin be the gain sef. 

does not seek its own:
I don't seek my own. I don't do selfish. Naturally and supernaturally I am not selfish with stuff. I don't share my food sha. I would rather buy you a plate of food which is kind than share my food with you. Habit.

is not provoked:
I wish I could be provoked. When something provokes me before my new nature, I would open my mouth and be creative with words. You will never forget it but I would. Being someone who is not vengeful I forget immediately. That is my secret weapon actually. I never get angry. Instead I make plans.

thinks no evil:
My obsession. I heard a rumor about me once, they said she is obsessive. They don't know how much. I am pure focus when I set my mind on something. I attended fellowship one day and the word of God pierced through my spirit, soul and body. That day I started changing my mind and overcoming fears step by step. It became an obsession for me to think right. All I heard was Phillipians 4:8, we were asked to meditate on that scripture. I did it with a vengeance because I am very focused on determined on whatever I set my mind on. Till date, I get a word and put it in front of my eyes and my day follows that word, always. The obsession they speak of is an illusion. You would have to know me for more than three months to believe me though.

does not rejoice in iniquity:
Thank God for the grace of God. I cannot be happy at iniquity. I must quench it with grace. I am fully persuaded that if anyone comes to me and gets an earful, even if the word doesn't go to word when they hear, it is a seed that is growing and soon the life that has heard the word from me will begin to change until they become what God wants them to be. This is my conviction.

bears all things:
I have borne a lot and can still bear more only because the presence of God is always with me. I sing because God wants to hear me. I am covenanted to speak only words that edify. I don't know how faithful I have been to that but most times I do it unconsciously: speaking right, speaking life, I mastered it so that with no pressure or under pressure, only goodness proceeds from my lips. They once used to be sharp words but I prefer living with a bridled tongue, God is well pleased when my tongue is bridled.

believes all things:
I believe so much. I think it is a gift. I can see the sunny side of everything. I believe in prophetic speakings. I am having a conversation with you and though you may think I am just speaking, I am actually being prophetic. The only reason they are not empty words is because I have God's Spirit in me. Some people even used to try and sell me lies but thank God for the Holy Ghost. He sees into the thoughts and the intents of the heart. He's awesome. He is also a revealer of secrets.

hopes all things:
I believe in hoping and waiting. You know, after you have used faith, if you don't have patience, you will be unable to reap your harvest. Without hope though, you will not get faith.

endures all things:
I hate enduring. If you were a worldly person, you would call me melancholy. They are great at faithfulness, loyalty, enduring etc. I get a pass mark in all areas and by the Spirit of God, I master my weaknesses. 

Would you like to do this also? 

I love measuring myself according to God's standard of love. It fills up all the holes.
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