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Saturday, 13 June 2015


Old enough in the faith to guide my faith and love by the power of the Holy Ghost.

Doing right isn't easy on the flesh
It is easy with the help of the Holy Ghost
It is do-able

I always ask myself what is the love response
What is the motivation?
Then what is the faith response?

This keeps me in track.

God works with your hopes and dreams
Sometimes He gives you His own
To even hear Him when He speaks, you should have your own.

My siblings and I always say, this world is more than meets the eye.
I believe it with my whole heart.

It has been a while since I pondered on the things in my heart
No politically correct for me
I try
But it always seems like I am living somehow less when I'm coasting on that mode.
This world is more than meets the eye
My confidence is that I trust in the One who holds me firmly
He might be invisible
But His instructions have led me thus far
And I know that as long as I follow His guide
I am not lost.

To be lost is to be without His voice, His guide and His protection
I have known the fickleness of the world, of people even of the cloth
I have known these things enough to know that all other ground is sinking sands
To know that outside His own will I am prey to the whims and caprices of man
But inside His will always, I will amaze and confound my enemies time and again.

I have known the self righteousness of my long winded prayers
And the sincerity and dependency of short prayers like: God, you are soveriegn, have Your way.
I have known the comfort of 'Be still and know that I am God
And the mockery of those who think they know better
And imagine that God leaves something as important as writing my story in the hands of mortals.

I believe in the God who works behind the scenes
I believe in the God who rules in the affairs of men
I believe in the God who makes tomorrow better than today
I believe in the God who makes better plans
I believe in the God who calls, equips, empowers and goes along with His own.

I believe in the good God
His judgment is not towards me
Isaiah doesn't tell me that
His love and mercy and grace and favour is towards me all day long
Yes I believe it
I don't know how but I do
I think that Fathers and Daughters are that way
After you have walked together for a while, God's character is so certain, His actions can be known
They are good.

I don't doubt God's love
No, His character is sure.
Just to know He loves me so makes me know how blessed I am
How can I be ashamed of His gospel
I witness Him when I want to and when I don't feel like
He's an awesome God
An awesome God He is

I pledge my allegiance again and again only to find that His covenant stands sure
Me and Him
What blasphemy I would have said years ago
But He is my Yahweh
My buffer
The strength in me
The good in me
The God in me
The joy in me
My guarantee

Why is this God so good?
How can others know Him
Speechless O!
The only One who can surprise me time and again
I am grateful for His presence
I trust in Him more than my hands that type
He's more real to me than what I see
Filled with the fullness of God.

My sister always says God is amazing o
That He raised His deliverer amongst enemies
Moses grew up amongst enemies
This God is able to do anything.

On Christ I stand
That's the essence of this post.
I am not standing on anything material
Or anything my head can figure out
I am not standing on human resources
No crutches for me
I stand on Christ.

He still speaks and thankfully I still listen for the voice of God in the cool of the day as Adam did.

Before the fall...

Too much talk.

Tessa Doghor
Editor, Social Media Guru

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