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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

On different genres of Christian music and on archaic 'animalistic' thinking in Nigeria

truly human
'Your expression, an image of who You are'.
That is who You say that I am, Lord.

On favourite New Music

We love TY Bello in my house, she's vivid! 
Her music has a life of its own.

I have new music, yay! I am loving Matthew West, Bethel Music, Hillsong and Krystal Meyers, they have really amazing music. Love it.

On Nigeria,

I discovered this poet today. I can't remember his name so I will just pop over to my facebook page to see his name. His name is Chijioke Amu-Nnadi.

He has some drama going on all over blogosphere, twitter, facebook et al.

These three ladies: Mary Adebayo, Cece Irene and Hymar David have some accusations that they have laid on him. From the description, it is obvious that he will soon come up with smart ways to discredit the three of them.

Good news, it is easy to discredit one person but not three people. That's that. The sad thing is, I won't be reading any of his poetry.

Fancy pictures I like today.
I love this pic. Models in stripes, clothes looking good. I like it.

My company logo
Hope you had a terrific Christmas and New Year.
I had an a-okay one.

Prayer: That I may apprehend that for which I was Jesus name, amen

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