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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Brave is who you are!

You make me brave - Amanda Cooke and Bethel Music

Awesome music

Only be thou strong and be thou courageous.

God does not say, be courageous because your situation or circumstances are the type that allow you to be brave. He asks you to be brave because you are made in his image.

The presence of God, the confidence that He is with you, that God remains with you is the reason for bravery and courage.

Have faith in God.

It is always a choice. If you refuse to have faith in God, you will put it in something.

Ensure that you daily, consciously choose to trust God.

Enjoy your Thursday.

I will share, I love your presence with you next week.

I love Christian love songs. Songs that tell of the love of God. Jut enjoy your Thursday and all the days till next Thursday.

Have a great week and see you next Thursday.

Please listen to the song and let it sink into your spirit. God loves you.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Thursday videos: and the lessons attached

Listen to the video first.


When we are in the world, we learn fear as part of our growth processes, some textbooks even teach that fear helps protect us from danger. The bible doesn't teach us so but the world system does.