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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Thursday Video: My heart burns for "you"

Have you known the love of God?
Have you received the love of God?
Have you accepted that God loves you forever?

It does something not just for you but IN YOU.

I am sharing this video by Jesus Culture called Obsession
There is no better obsession to have than the Lord Jesus

Now when you know how much He loves you
There is no setback you cannot rise up from because Jesus has always got Your back
and He always always means what He says
He doesn't waste words

I witness Christ

No one ever recovered from Jesus' love
When you know His love it's like you are standing on a rock that you can't be moved from.
If you don't know Jesus
If you have not experience the love of the Father
Seek Him
You are made forever when you find yourself in Christ

I will pray for you that you will find Him.

Enjoy your Thursday.
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