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Friday, 13 May 2016

On Ministry, life and what God wants

I have made up my mind to do ministry. Since the Holy Ghost won't let up and my heart always goes out to certain types of people to help them, perhaps influence them towards Christ. 

I have an idea of the kinds of people I would like to reach out to.

I think in pictures so instead of leaving an image of a serpent in your mind, I chose to leave an image of a dove in your mind, if you would honour the Holy Ghost, He will show up and help you. Tips about the Holy Ghost, He gets grieved when you don't obey and He is that great friend that you have been looking for all your life. He is the performer of the signs and wonders, the people you see are those who have yielded their bodies to be used by Christ as a vehicle on the earth. Congrats as you begin what is a wonderful journey of walking with God.

I have been blessed with the very first right pastor that helped form my basic ideas about people, God, God's nature, character and ability, the Holy Ghost, the sovereignty of God. my identity in Christ. I have also been blessed to have grounded leaders who have trained me and shaped me in different areas. One of the things I noticed in them was a fear of God and a respect for the things of God. Whatever I noticed I respected and cultivated also. So I understand the importance of having leaders
who have a heart for advancing the kingdom of God.

God is always interested in the man/woman who wants to advance His kingdom on earth, He takes notice of them. Seeking God's kingdom first will catch His attention. 

Seeking to hear the word of God and do it at the expense of other things that your flesh will want to do will catch God's attention.

There are so many faith actions in this article and I pray that one person or ten people will hear and do, or rather read and do trusting that God who is pleased by faith will honour them.

I have been blessed with giftings and abilities, the right heart, personality and character traits, the shaping of all of these into the measure and stature of the fullness of Christ. Many things have fall away at God's altar.

I have dropped fear, terror, depression, timidity, sickness, complacency, unbelief, doubt, ignorance, hatred, envy, pride, my silence, muteness and so many that does not immediately come to mind...

And still the Holy Ghost is not satisfied

I kept wondering what keeps me from ministering fully, from serving others and this just might be one of the reasons.

Sometimes I think God tricked me, when He kept convincing me, "I love you with an everlasting love, come to me" (this went on for months before I finally surrendered my heart to Jesus) I didn't know He would require other things of me. 

My pastor did warn me that God brings us through that we may help others be brought through. I thought I was inconsequential enough for God to overlook me and let me be just a face in the crowd. He just won't let up. So I will serve everywhere I go.

I was listening to Bill Johnson a few weeks ago and he said (paraphrase), Ministry is about honoring, serving and empowering.

There are a bunch of scriptures that back up these underlined faith actions.

So back to what could be an obstacle.

I have these just like any great man/woman that God uses. They are obstacle/bread for me. I am strong not because of my body but because of my spirit. Greater is He (the Holy Ghost) who lives in me than he who lives in the world. Also, since I am born of God, I overcome the world. I have it in me. I have the overcoming anointing, the Holy Ghost. He is my standby and my legal advocate and He does a good job. He is invaluable to me.

Ministry assassins are those who spread lies and strategically position themselves to dishonor you so those you minister too can't receive from you! You can't learn from someone you disrespect or dishonor... So these individuals seek to destroy your effectiveness through their venom since they can't touch your anointing. I want to encourage every ministry leader to remain steadfast and planted in your promise. Never feel you have to uproot and react because the sound of your walk is much louder than the sound of their voice. God will expose them and their sin will embarrass them. 

- Joshua Botello

I wanted to write on the assassins but God just told me that even as satan is not a factor, neither are they. I need to focus on what matters and where He is taking me to and just to keep following His lead. As a good shepherd, He will not lead me astray and He will not lead you astray too if you put your trust in Him.

When I was in college, my pastor drummed it into our heads that everything that we need to have a successful life and ministry was inside us and not outside us, that is we embraced that truth we would have to reason to be afraid of anything or anyone.

It was true then and it is still true now. Everything that we need is inside us and is already sorted. Nothing and no one can stop you when you are located in Christ Jesus.

1 Cor 1: 30
I have put on Christ as  garment

Gal 3:29
I am Christs' (belonging to Christ) and thus a heir according to the promise.

I pray that these two scriptures make you want to search more.

One of the things fellowshipping with my college fellowship did for me was help/encourage me to cultivate a relationship with the Holy Ghost and have a hunger for the word of God. 

When I start reading the word of God, I feel the presence of God manifested in and around me. I pray that as you grow in the word, the Lord will do same and even over and above according to your desire in Jesus name, amen. 
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