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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Affirmation Time...

It is all in me

I am created to win
To rule and to conquer
I am who God says I am
I am created to beat the odds
and fulfill my dreams in spite of my obstacles

I am created to break my expectations
and have my imaginations exceeded
I am not for the mediocre or the mundane
I am created for greatness

Everyday i seek to be more
of who He has called
Everyday i seek excellence
I seek to be better in all i do
I seek that day when who i am
will be proud of who i am becoming daily

This i pray
That i can shut out the naysayers
and hear only the midwives
that i can shut out the negatives
and hear the Holy Ghost
that i can shut out the folks with dead dreams
and soar
and soar until all my dreams are accomplished

Beautiful is what i am
is what i am becoming everyday
because I am His workmanship

Okay, I am running, still running
I am not going to look back from this heavenly race

Grace is my wildcard!

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