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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Knowing the Love of the Father

 God's love is different!

Yeah, that fits for a beginning statement. When i got saved, i compared everyone's love to try to understand what He meant when He said He loved.

Some ignorant folks secretly think its pathetic to know the love of God (Yep I have met some of them) but i dare put it to them that it is because they do not know the love of the Father that they don't understand that even all the people who think they love you can't love you until they have known Christ.

They either love you for how you look, who you are or what you do for them. They like you because you fulfill something in them, they love selfishly.

God loves you for no just cause.

You know how we want to be more of something because someone admired that in us. God loves you irrespective of your performance. He loves you when you please Him and when you don't.

You know how some people love us because of what we would add to them.

He loves you when you are good and when you are bad. When i got saved, i used to think what can i do to repay God? I laugh at my naivety then, I've been serving Him for over a decade now and I know it doesn't fit even a drop in the ocean of all that He has done.

So what do we do?
Be humbled by the way that He loves you. Receive His love. And if you don't know how, learn. Because you are wasting time trying to win His approval by the works that you do.
Work for Him because you love Him and not because you want to repay Him.

He's a lover
That used to sound somehow in my ears. Now i call Him the lover of lovers, there's no one like Him, yeah, that's the lover of my soul!

Receive His love
You can't pay for it!

NB: You have been forgiven
He is not holding anything against you
Yes, even if it is really bad, what you did
Do you doubt that He knows every lil' bit of it?
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