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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Totally Random!

How's it going? i ask myself.
Its okay if 'okay' is what i want or if 'okay' is good enough for me
Once you start capacity building though, i mean increasing your capacity
It creates what i prefer to call a 'holy discontent' and i do need it

I have been thinking about some parts of scripture (giving your life away)
It has got to be worth it, right?
If in your heart, its not worth it
It is going to affect the quality of life you live and the amount of contentment you have
And it is not about how hard, tasking or challenging the work you do is
It is about the meaning behind what you do.

I need to deal with it, create a solution, i mean
If you don't have a solution, its like hitting a roadblock
I'm putting out feelers

Spiritual wise, i'm practicing walking and reducing the working so i can refocus
If i can get the walking, i bet the working will work itself out
It might even produce something beautiful!

The word of God sets the what you say!
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