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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

My Christmas post...

Lara is having a Christmas giveaway... I pray I win.
I want the shoes but I am not sure about my shoe size. I wear a Nigerian size 39. I don't know what my UK or American size should be. If you know, please holla me.

My new blog is here but i wanted it to be diaryofa21stcenturywoman but it is more about my Christian life than about swag. Give a witness if you know that sometimes you have to give up swag for Christianity. Yay!

So during the service today we were asked to write out our plans and all I can think about is my spiritual goals. It is the same as it was in 2008 but in practice I am sure it would be different.
I am reading two books before the end of 2012.

I am adjust my blog site so that I can post from my blackberry and no I don't add people on social networks to my Blackberry Family, it would spiral my direction out of position and it is my desire to be positioned right always so I guard my associations carefully.

Let me share my spiritual goals:

2 Peter 1:5
...add to your faith:

*Service for God (faithfulness)

If all these things are in you and are growing, they will help you to be useful and productive in your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

So Merry Christmas and have a terrific New Year filled with everything good!

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