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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Why my heart sings...

What can I say?

I am not in the business of saying who's the best Christian is or isn't. I don't really care. All I know is that God loves me forever.

I am believing God for a lot of things, a lot of people have a lot to say about it; but i daresay they are not in the equation.
I have been told I have little faith, I have been told I am like an unbeliever and that, that is why God has to show me so many sign. I do not have the strength or the time to argue. I am just glad that God shows up for me. It is humbling and I am really, really grateful to Him.
If they were, I wouldn't get saved, I would go my own way but I don't because God, He and I have a covenant, it is not an arrangement where I can have a convenient relationship with God and excuse it with lame excuses.
Every time I operate in faith, it is beyond the natural, if it was the natural, it wouldn't be called faith, it would be called wishful thinking. So because I am operating in the supernatural, I maintain my position, the God who asked me to take that position hasn't changed His mind, neither will I. I trust Him!
My heart sings when I remember that God loves me!

I have never been the kind of girl that could believe God conveniently, the circumstances of my life did not give me that privilege. What it did give me was a vibrant alive relationship with God.

As for the things that I believe God for, in the natural it would be impossible or I would be expected to behave in a certain way, but I have always believed in the supernatural God. It is the nature in which I gave my life to Christ, I had real life challenges and I do not apologize for the way I came to God, He doesn't mind, I don't get why others would; they are not God.

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