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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Blogging today...

There is a reason why I am a writer...

Lol (On a roll from this morning)
The Holy Spirit makes me feel lighter and He fills my mouth with good things anything I spend time just chatting in tongues and speaking His will into being...

On my way to work this morning, I was in a bus, I saw the back of a man's t-shirt, it read: "I can't get no satisfaction"by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.

I believe I have heard the words before, being sung, probably in a movie. I can even figure out the rhythm, in my head, humming and all.

I always like to place myself in some other person's shoes to understand the person better or something (I am an analytical buff; the brain doesn't stop moving until it figures out what it wants).

I can't get no satisfaction, truly. At least that was the feeling that dogged my footsteps all through my teenage years. I wish I could let Mick know that he is never going to get any satisfaction from anything in this world. It wasn't made to satisfy him; only Jesus does that.

Anything else fails. I grew up with a lot of money; don't have much now, but I certainly don't feel poor, is there a feeling? I know I am rich. I may not be able to proof it to you; exactly the way I can't prove a host of other things but I know that I have them. I can't prove to you that I have peace but I know that I do. I live in a crazy world but I aint moved by it.


Because I am more conscious of my country, the one where Papa Abraham and Jesus sorted out the issue that got me citizenship. Now when I need anything from this awesomely limited world; I call out to my Dad in the city of Zion. "Hey Papa, I know you know I need this stuff; thank You because I have access to the resources of heaven right here on earth. And I get provision.
He recently changed my wardrobe and I want it changed again, my scenery is changing so I think I might have to change my wardrobe again. Thank you 'Abba' for your resources are available to fill every vacuum that me and mine have"

So now I am expecting?
No I am expecting!

Christians calling themselves wicked left, right and center. Christ didn't die for that. I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, I have the life of God in me and I have the mind of Christ to boot!

Isaiah 55 says that "...his ways are not our ways..."
Nah, read again, that scripture refers to the wicked man and since my heart has been changed, I am no longer wicked, that man doesn't exist. I have the mind of Christ and I know His ways.

"To the pure, all things are pure"

Now unlearning a bunch of bad habits and wrong thinking I have picked up over  the years, I am renewing my mind as usual.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Too random

I am growing and changing
It is so difficult
Not really it is just hard work
I am closer to God
Not really
I am just more aware of Him
I miss my friends
Old ones at least
The friendship is over rated card
So not true
I know a lot of people can prove me wrong
But David did have Jonathan
Friends are not really my thing right now
My work is.
I want it to succeed
I want to be the best I can be
Tired of running on the spot
Was I running on the spot?
Not really
I can only say that I wasn't running on the spot
Because God did show up
Much to my amazement
and of course the amazement of others
Now I am tired of the spotlight
I even hate it
I didn't ask for it
Worse I can't control
Some people don't even know you
And yet they hate you
I wonder what planet they are from
How can you hate someone you don't know

Phase 2
I know that you are keeping track of this phase
But it just seems so slow
I know what to do
I really do
Or at least I will know what to do at the right time
Just really done with all the drama
Only because I have heard from you
This doesn't make any sense
Well it shouldn't
I wrote it just so
It makes no meaning to anyone else
But me

Blogging of life!
Let me call it an abstract poem.

In other news, I am interviewing this very funny guy on twitter
Look out for the interview.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

What's happening?

I am exploring...

Yeah, I have gotten a lot of people's comments, 'girl yi o serious'
All I say is "Bite Me"
I am exploring, I think He has gifted me with more
and if I choose to explore it, that's fine, I will make discoveries.

Meanwhile I am learning a lot o
I got my blogs tested
How readable is my blog?
Check yours at read-able (Just click)
I went like 'yay' when it told me that 11 and 12 year-old adolescent peeps
can read my site easily so I should be expecting more traffic around here.

I discovered what Copyscape is. (You can click also)
That is $5 overhead cost o but its necessary
I wrote something for some foreigner (my idea of racism) and he
mailed me back to say it didn't pass copyscape.

So to be an excellent writer, being good was the least of my worries
Every time I write something, I have to run it through that copyscape machine
Abi it is another kind of photocopy
I promised myself when I grew up, I wouldn't become
rank xerox 'we taught the world to copy'
the nasal droning of some lady doing what passed as good adverts then
they are light years away from who we are now

'We are the Future' (Kudos to TY Bello)
I need to be exceeding the sky o
Holy Spirit, please open this eyes to understand
I know I am so much better than this
I will be stopping here
no one read too much content or so the researchers
Of which I am one of them

One thing I am sure of:
In book knowledge I am so much smarter than last month
been reading so much, burning both sides of the candle

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So many good things happening
That wick that wanted to quench, it is burning again

"...but at the scent of water, it will bud"

New Words
Girl yi o serious - very bad yoruba
Bite Me - Another style of 'whatever'
o that I say at the end of my sentence - proof that I am actually Delta; I did get influenced a little
Abi - It is pidgin English for Likely, lol

Did you notice that I am now liscensed under Creative Commons, it is so bourgeois

Check the meaning by clicking here: Bourgeois

Wikipedia said in the 18th Century Western world, it describes a social class characterized by ownership of capital.

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