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Monday, 14 October 2013

Too random

I am growing and changing
It is so difficult
Not really it is just hard work
I am closer to God
Not really
I am just more aware of Him
I miss my friends
Old ones at least
The friendship is over rated card
So not true
I know a lot of people can prove me wrong
But David did have Jonathan
Friends are not really my thing right now
My work is.
I want it to succeed
I want to be the best I can be
Tired of running on the spot
Was I running on the spot?
Not really
I can only say that I wasn't running on the spot
Because God did show up
Much to my amazement
and of course the amazement of others
Now I am tired of the spotlight
I even hate it
I didn't ask for it
Worse I can't control
Some people don't even know you
And yet they hate you
I wonder what planet they are from
How can you hate someone you don't know

Phase 2
I know that you are keeping track of this phase
But it just seems so slow
I know what to do
I really do
Or at least I will know what to do at the right time
Just really done with all the drama
Only because I have heard from you
This doesn't make any sense
Well it shouldn't
I wrote it just so
It makes no meaning to anyone else
But me

Blogging of life!
Let me call it an abstract poem.

In other news, I am interviewing this very funny guy on twitter
Look out for the interview.

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