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Thursday, 26 June 2014


One who finds intelligence the most sexually attractive feature.
"I want an incisive, inquisitive, insightful, irreverent mind. I want someone for whom philosophical discussion is foreplay. I want someone who sometimes makes me go ouch due to their wit and evil  (canceled out the previous word to put witty, you get what you ask for) witty sense of humor...
- From here (I googled the word)

I decided all that means that I am sapiosexual."

Just when I finally decided that I knew what a metrosexual is (Metrosexual: a heterosexual, usually urban male who pays much attention to his personal appearance and cultivates an upscale lifestyle. adjective. 2. pertaining to or being a ...) sapiosexual comes on the scene.

God forbid that I will be one who doesn't keep up with the current trends and happenings in the world.

I think it is true though.
I am a sapiosexual so if you are dumb upstairs as far as I am concerned, you don't even exist except I want to save your soul. And I do (Forget the crap I write, that is smart alec talking). 

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman? - Bryan Adams

I had this idea to blog about 50 songs. I think it's too much. I also don't want to finish all my blogging idea's because it will probably help me blog more often.

I also know that a lot of you will visit the site just because of Bryan Adams, He is an amazing singer and in another life when I took pleasure in singing all kinds of music, it was one of my best songs.

My siblings and I grew up with music: Carpenters, Kenny Rogers.

I used to create a video for every song I loved and regale my family with my performances and they were always amused. I was an amusing 7 year old. So I kind of grew up loving music. Can you blame me? My mom listened to a lot of Abba when she was pregnant with each of us.

Nowadays we have come under Jesus Christ and so we listen to worship music and messages, believe me; your babies are listening. I am not a mom yet; I speak of my sisters. I of course listen to worship and gospel music so maybe the ova are listening, lol!

Have you ever really loved a woman - By Bryan Adams

I used to listen to this music and wonder what love was. The wandering seems more romantic. I have discovered though what true love is. You gotta have God first before you can discern what true love is. Having God comes with surrendering to Jesus and that is a journey. If you would love to begin that journey. Click this link: Finding Grace.

What If God Was One Of Us? - Joan Osborne

I am a very intelligent girl. I haven't heard this song but I have watched the movie 'Diary Of a Mad Black Woman'. If you haven't watched it, you are on a long thing. It is a movie by Tyler Perry. It is a story that lets you hope that even women whose husbands have abused them can still find love. The religious will not let this fly. Albeit, the movie is one of my favorites. After her husband had divorced her, she was dating this man who showed her that a man doesn't have to beat a woman to show he loves her (Yoruba girls, you hear?). He was a cool, loving brother who was living by the word even though he wasn't perfect also.

Great movie!

Tomorrow I will talk about other songs I know and talk about them tomorrow on a blog post.

I am a Social Media Manager now. 

Okay I have always been a social media manager. Only for about 6 years. I used to do it for fun & ministry and I did it really well. So much that I got noticed by my Facebook friends, my non-virtual friends and my family.

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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Traffic or Go slow or hold up

She stared at the blinking lights that characterised Lagos.

The Generation Y called it 'Las gidi' for a very good reason.
It was imperfect in many ways but home to some 19 million people.

The part of its imperfections that cause a love-hate relationship was the old enemy of the working class, it was the concept locally known as 'go slow' and 'hold up' by the elders.

The youths psychedelically inclined youth called it. 'Traffic'.
She prized herself as one of the few alpha (lol) Nigerians who didn't use archaic English. It wasn't a fallacy; she was quite skilled in crafting words together

On this faithful day, it was quite late that all the roads were relatively free as expected. All except one.

Photo credit:


The traffic in Mile 2 wears wrapper.

Mile 2

Made popular by robbers
who stole in traffic in the mornings and at night
Of course they had day jobs
A cover for the ignoble activities that went on at night
Some would know them BUT
few would have the courage to call them out
So they would not forfeit their lives

The police of course were off course, too busy
They were attending to other matters.
Egunje matters

Mile 2 had proved itself notorious again. You could speed through anywhere else but mile 2, it would force you to stay an extra hour on its roads even when you passed all the 'koros' (known to man and me of course) on the road; even to the risk of sinking in muddy pedestrian roads.
The bus drivers with their rickety buses passing nook and crannies hoping to avoid the traffic. The longer you stayed in traffic; the longer you lost your decorum. It lasted till all you wanted to do was get home and get some sleep

Lagos and its hustle
Many complained about it
But found that after a couple of years
They couldn't live anywhere else again

"Too slow" they complained (about the other states)

All true
Las gidi
Land of promise
Land of traffic too

Traffic is a female dog

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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Blogging things #June

I saw so many sights and sounds
So much to blog about
No time

Now it has slipped away
When there's so much to see, say and do
It is better to catch it in the moments

I have a one-thing I'm building towards
It is something I am passionate about
I'm going to volunteer in that area and see what God says
If He'll veto it or say no wait

Transitions, transitions
So much transformations going on
Started a new job
I'm excited about
Always needing more content

2014 is looking promising
Expecting more God-changes
Of course the people who don't believe in you will always be there
Just don't give them a seat in the living room of your life
Shut the door on them
Leave them outside looking in
Like the wife of the prophet whose cruz of oil wouldn't run dry
Keep them outside

Do let God in
I'm praying for the consciousness to drop all weights
And the things that hold me back
I'm dropping them at the altar
In the presence of God today

photo credit: Google Images

This is my depiction of the altar of God today. Don't be limited by this. God's altar is anywhere His presence is. Even in the human body of His submitted child. You are God's tabernacle. You can create His altar anywhere you go.

Always have to admonish myself to live with the future in view
But stay in the present

Okay I finally blogged it.


Have a happy Sunday
Don't let it be about the pews and the people you'd say hello to
Give attention to God foremost
He's alive
And you're in His thoughts

PS. My memory verse read to me by a #Dazzle woman was that I was to speak of His righteousness (Heritage of the sons)

I'm off to get ready for church
I intend to meet with GOD today
I've got some things I want to talk about and hear what He's got to say.
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Friday, 13 June 2014

News things...

Hello people,

No it is not an eBook. I will launch that one soon.
It is not an advert either
Honestly this is the only way to join the site

You know all that internet protocol

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I need blog traffic and I discovered a site called 

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I am having a terrific month. learning a lot of new things.

Cheers and later

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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Chocho made me do this..

Step One

My cousin @chowilson made me do this. She is married with a son and she's a lawyer, an author of "Weekends are for loving".

It can be found at

Her blog is at 

I was willing sha. I love to write.
Thank you so much. Love you plenty. Her blog is at

Step Two: Answer these four questions about your writing process.

1) What am I working on?

Currently I am working on my precious novel. It is very Nigerian. It is at It has Hausa, Ibo, Yoruba and as many tribes as possible. 

I believe in a Nigeria where everyone can live in peace and appreciate the beauty of our diversity like TY Bello always says.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

It is my work and it is uniquely mine. It is not a work of trainings even though I have been to trainings. It is a work that takes in our perfection and imperfections and sees a beauty in it.

3) Why do I write what I do?

I write what I do to change someone. I write because.

4) How does my writing process work?

I make myself write. I am no longer waiting for my muse. The muse will never come or never be perfect enough or suitable enough.

Here are my nominees.

1. Olusola Adio has a calling to teach God's Word and to help people apply the Word successfully in their personal lives. Olusola has a very powerful online outreach called #SoulTies that is thriving on Facebook, Twitter & Google+. He teaches on what #SoulTies are and how to break them. You can follow him on twitter using @SoulTiesTweets. Olusola currently resides in the UK with his wife, Moni and their daughter, Iyanu.

Olusola Adio

PS. He also tweets with the handle @solaadio. You will get blessed. He talks about soulties and the stuff that everyone pretends do not exist or the stuff no one wants to deal with.
His blog address is

2. I am embarrassed to say that I read her blog posts ta ya. I think I want to finish the whole thing in one day. After a great deal of time spent reading, I even listened to a video on her blog. I was tempted to even do vlogs too until I saw the amount of bandwidth required.
Her name is I dunno but I do know that you should certainly visit the grace section of her blog and read the stuff there.

She blogs at

3. @Tunrayor speaks in her own words:

I'm a lawyer, writer and child of God, I love to see people be the best they can be (most especially ladies) I believe there's a seed of greatness in everyone. I like to see it grow &bring forth a bountiful harvest especially amongst the youths. I love God, I love people (though I can be more of an introvert sometimes) and I love me. So I centre my writings on these.

It is an artsy blog with a rare touch. She blogs at

Then there is 

She’s an amazing Christian. She’s married with a baby. She didn’t give me permission so I didn’t add her. 

Visit her site at

Also, if you have started a business and you need to learn how to run it, this is for you. You should learn so that you make it past the 5 year mark. Go to