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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Blogging things #June

I saw so many sights and sounds
So much to blog about
No time

Now it has slipped away
When there's so much to see, say and do
It is better to catch it in the moments

I have a one-thing I'm building towards
It is something I am passionate about
I'm going to volunteer in that area and see what God says
If He'll veto it or say no wait

Transitions, transitions
So much transformations going on
Started a new job
I'm excited about
Always needing more content

2014 is looking promising
Expecting more God-changes
Of course the people who don't believe in you will always be there
Just don't give them a seat in the living room of your life
Shut the door on them
Leave them outside looking in
Like the wife of the prophet whose cruz of oil wouldn't run dry
Keep them outside

Do let God in
I'm praying for the consciousness to drop all weights
And the things that hold me back
I'm dropping them at the altar
In the presence of God today

photo credit: Google Images

This is my depiction of the altar of God today. Don't be limited by this. God's altar is anywhere His presence is. Even in the human body of His submitted child. You are God's tabernacle. You can create His altar anywhere you go.

Always have to admonish myself to live with the future in view
But stay in the present

Okay I finally blogged it.


Have a happy Sunday
Don't let it be about the pews and the people you'd say hello to
Give attention to God foremost
He's alive
And you're in His thoughts

PS. My memory verse read to me by a #Dazzle woman was that I was to speak of His righteousness (Heritage of the sons)

I'm off to get ready for church
I intend to meet with GOD today
I've got some things I want to talk about and hear what He's got to say.
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