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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Blogging too!

I love blogging. It represents the uninhibited part of me. As a child, I was so impulsive, I would jump up and do an experiment and create something marvellous. Growing up, I knew I would have to lose the impulsiveness or get into trouble.

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I also had to learn tact because there were all sorts of nasty people outside the friend circle who did not mind street fighting for no good reason or for what they termed was ‘good enough reason’.
The naturally intelligent ‘me’ did not understand people resort to underhanded means and dishonourable character traits appeared. It was disgusting! It still is, difference is, now I half expect it.

Where is Nigeria's Department of Justice?
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Now that I am older, I understand that dishonourable traits and characteristics appear because your opponents/counterparts realise that they can never beat you on a level playing field and so they resort to many crooked practices. Very much like our Nigerian politicians. When competing against a good man, you stretch out your right hand to give a bribe so that another equally perverse soul can pervert justice.
Whatever, this is just an aside.

My blogging topic today is God and His nature and His character.
I know I have said this before but I will have to say it again, after all I didn’t get it immediately I heard it.

A dear friend shared something on social media and the conclusion of the matter was that God will punish you.
Growing up, my siblings and I had a time or two when we said to each other: God will punish you. Afterwards I would lie in bed wondering what form the punishment would come in.
It took me a while after being saved to discover that God doesn't punish. It is man who breaks the hedge. When a hedge is broken, it can be mended.

God is faithful and kind and loving.
Someone would counteract me now and say, God is a consuming fire. Yes He is. He consumed the sacrifice that Elijah put down. It was a sign that He was pleased with Elijah’s offering and then Elijah killed the 300/400 prophets of Baal.
God does not destroy his covenant children. As excellent as the old covenant is, we are not living under the old covenant; we are living under the new covenant. God bless the soul of the man of God who taught me this. He is a man that is not afraid to carry the mandate of God. I pray that the LORD God will strengthen me so that I also will have the power to carry what God says like I am carrying something special. I want to be able to hear God and speak it exactly as He says without feeling the need to add my bravado or feeling so inadequate as if, why would God choose me?

So God is not waiting to punish you with a good thing. God doesn't set traps. If you are not convinced, pray, fast and sincerely seek the face of God; He rewards those who diligently seek Him.
Yesterday’s post was going to be about my stubborn pursuers and the critics who will not let me or my family be; but I have handed them over to the LORD in prayer. I don’t need to deal with what God is dealing with. Thank God the Holy Ghost stopped me in time.

A word from my meditation this morning:
Many church don’t believe this BUT
i.                    God has not called us to dominate other human beings or manipulate them, that is witchcraft. God doesn’t act like that. He gives free will. Study His attributes
ii.                  God asks us to command the things on the earth. Have rule over them using the name of Jesus in prayer.
iii.                About other human beings, He says, we should ask of Him. He is the creator and He is able to handle them perfectly
iv.                God does not call us to revenge, He calls us to forgive and trust Him
v.                  God is written about in the bible. Read the bible and find out who He is. Don’t take my word for it or the word of anyone else
vi.                Don’t trust me. Trust God. Trust His word. He is the one to be magnified

That’s all for now! Until next time, I am living the favoured life God packaged for me and mine. I am content. I wouldn’t want to live any other life.

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