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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Even if no one else loves you, God loves you.

I read this post and this is my comment. 

This was my response. There are some things that I don't joke about. When I hear 'Heaven rejoices when one sinner is saved' it lights up something inside me. When I hear that once a person dies, they cannot make a decision for Christ again. It touches me. Everything else loses its value when I consider eternity. I don't use words lightly when I speak of eternity. 

If you are an enemy of God, you are my enemy. If you are a friend of God you are my enemy. If you save souls, I can start liking you immediately. If you send souls to hell, I start praying immediately against your enterprise. I don't have any doubts about whose army I belong to and I don't take it lightly when I face the army soldiers of the enemy.

Christ was made manifest to destroy the works of the devil. If I recognize the devil's devices or works anywhere. I start praying not out of fear but because I recognize that the power to change anything beyond the physical is in prayer. That is why I pray. I pray because I know the King of kings.

Suicide is from the devil.

I do a lot of fact checking as a hobby and have read books such as 'Piercing the Darkness' and 'This Present Darkness' and I know that suicide is of the devil.

A lot of people who believe in the 'New Age' thingy believe that some people's life are not worth living and so they may as well kill themselves.

I personally believe that no matter who you are or what your circumstances are, you are living a life worth living. All you need to do is discover the purpose that God  has for you.

The world is a tough place and finding real Christians who are willing to invest in you without thinking of what they stand to gain is difficult but I would love to be one of those Christians that God can depend on to be His representatives who can inspire hope outside of what I can gain in the life of an individual and that is who I am.

I don't know about other Christians and I am not saying that I am better than other Christians but I love to do what matters to God. I have thought about suicide and I have people close to me who have considered it. I always try though to show anyone I meet who my anchor is and what keeps me moving and fulfilling my purpose to God. Maybe in hearing this, they may be pushed to also find their purpose in God.

Sincerity is a big deal to God, that is something I have noticed and a lot of Christians are terrible actors. There is no authentic Christianity without the Holy Ghost and I believe that if people can find out that Jesus loves them, he would be enough reason to live a life that is worth it. 

Email me at at any time of the day if you want to talk. If there is nothing else I can do for you, I can introduce you to the man who can and also direct you to men who care and who are living for the kingdom of God.

I am an equipped soldier in God's army. I know that I am covered and protected as long as I am on God's assignment and committed to the furtherance of the kingdom of God on earth. I am a soldier who takes her assignment seriously. 

I pray for you if you have ever considered suicide that the power to walk free will come on you in Jesus name, amen.

I pray that you will encounter the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of God, that He would be your constant companion day or night in Jesus name, amen.

I pray that you will find comfort in the presence of the Holy Spirit and wisdom and understanding as you read God's word in Jesus name, amen.

I pray that you will come to see yourself as God sees you not as a victim but as a victor, not as a foolish person but as the wise, not as the weak but as the strong in the Lord, not as defeated but as more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus in Jesus name, amen.

I pray that you would receive enthusiasm and that God will restore your soul and that you would find your purpose in pleasing God and encounter that life that is in God in Jesus name, amen.

God has been good to me so I can only speak of His goodness to you and pray that the Spirit of God would cause the truth of His word to come alive in your heart in Jesus name, amen.

Your life has a purpose, preserve it and defend it. Read the word everyday and find your strength and power and fulfilment in God and in the Holy Ghost who is the helper of the believer in Christ Jesus.

Be blessed.
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