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Monday, 22 September 2014

Why won't I love my sister? Linda Ikeji will make you think twice about the way you blog.

The Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award

I would nominate LindaIkeji but I don't know her personally. I admire her entrepreneurial traits though. She is a phenomenon. When I left my stable job last year, some people laughed and said, how do I expect to make money from blogging. I think they expected me to come begging after three months of starving. I might not be earning as Linda does currently but I am certainly on my way there.

Doubtless I would not have starved thanks to my Mom and Dad. I listened to all the advice I was given but I didn't take the advice seriously because I desperately needed a change. I was dying of boredom. I needed a challenge. 

One lovely blogger who has got a beautiful mind tagged me yesterday. I can be very selective, I hate flattery and false word so I am delighted that I do not lie when I say she has a beautiful mind. She is Fredilia Momodu and I would love to say a huge thanks to her. She is too kind. I met her via my other blog here. My blog is where I express myself as best as I can from time to time.

the rules of the Sisterhood of the World Blogger award are simple, you can only pass it unto a woman is pretty obvious. I accepted yesterday on twitter. My twitter handle is @tessbabee

What is the ten questions?
1.Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site
2.Put the awards logo on your blog
3.Answer their ten questions
4.Make up 10 new questions for your nominees
5.Nominate 10 bloggers

Her question:
Borrowing from Aby who stole, sorry borrowed from Ugo "Tell us about a part of you that you struggled with (e.g. a habit, nose, shape, leg) and how you overcame the fear."

I struggled with being pretty from the time I was 7 years old. I have 5 sisters so you can see how that would be a problem. I grew up with the 5 sisters and I was the tomboy. I excelled at everything guys excelled at and even outdid a lot of them. I could beat them physically at sports, academics, debates, whatnots. I topped that by going to high school 2 years ahead of all my mates.

I was perfect at everything except being a woman. I turned 13 and became narcissistic. Ask my sister, I have the capacity to spend about 2 hours in front of the mirror studying my face, my legs, my arms, my hair. You need to ask my high school mates what my hair looked like, I succeeded in convincing them that my hair was just great for me. Why wouldn't it? I gave it 100% care. It may have been scanty but no other hair of head could boast of the kind of care mine underwent. Everywhere I went I was told I was beautiful. I was cute, I looked fulani, I had inner beauty, you just couldn't stop gazing at me. With all this compliments, I would say 'thanks' externally but inside I was not perfect enough for me. I wanted to be perfect. I wanted the perfect A.

I turned 19 and surrendered my life to Christ, I was getting the compliments still but the picture of who I wanted to be in my head hadn't translated to the physical. I began searching scripture: 'before you were born, I knew you'. I would be like, 'Great, God I think so too BUT...'.
'You are fearfully and wonderfully made by God'.
'You are a royal diadem'. I would look and say, 'that could never be, I just feel so ordinary, in fact I feel like nothing'

One day, I decided to agree with God because, really how smart can you get that you would become smarter than God. As I began to say these words from scripture I began to change externally, I don't think my face changed but I began to glow so much so that it wasn't just about my features, I began to exude a confidence that was beyond my physical features which are great but wasn't enough to give me confidence. I began to value who I was on the inside so that I wasn't just a merchandise on the shelf. I began to value me so that when the crazy folks in the world came with their criticisms, I would laugh like they were crazy. 

When I came to know the beauty of God inside me, it helped me appreciate the beauty of God in others and to speak a word of encouragement, life, if you believe, into another person without thinking of what I was going to benefit (there was never a selfish reason). I got to know the beauty of the Holy Ghost and how that He cared about me for no personal reason that would benefit Him but for the sake of me. It was so unselfish I couldn't believe it. Knowing the Holy Ghost helped me start considering others. I am still a work in progress and I am glad at the way the Holy Spirit still keeps growing me and increasing me.

My own question is simple. It is this.
What would you do with your life (It can't be something that is selfish, it has got to be selfless) if you knew that you couldn't fail at it? If you knew that God would back you and send you the resources that you need all the time, what would you do?

My nomination is a mixture of female bloggers whose work I admire and bloggers turned friends who have been very supportive.


Currently I manage a blog ( It is an entrepreneurial blog targeted at building the African woman into a phenomenal entrepreneur. You can visit the blog and subscribe so you can avail yourself of information that will build you into the entrepreneur of your dreams.

Dream big and then write down the goals that will deliver the dream into your hands and start accomplishing them one after the other.

Until next time, 

Be the authentic you, the one who dreams of changing her world for the better.

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