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Salvation Prayer

This prayer is going to change your life forever.
Just say this:

Lord Jesus, I have tried running my life on my own and I know that I need You.

I believe that you are the Christ, the son of the living God, I believe that you died on the cross just for me over 2000 years ago and rose from the dead and are now seated in heavenly places with God.

I ask that You come and be the Lord of my life. I ask that You lead me by Your Spirit all the days of my life. I ask that You use my life for Your glory in Jesus name, amen.

If you just said this prayer, I would like to say congratulations, this is the best decision you will ever make.

Now you must find a bible believing church and start attending.

Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you up with His presence and power and use you to do the will of God on earth.

Start reading your bible so you can get to know who you are in Christ. A lot about living a victorious Christian life and living the LIFE God made you for depends on how much of the word of your identity in Christ you internalize.

Start a daily morning devotion where you read your bible and spend time with God. Buy a bible.
But before you buy one, download a youversion bible for reading and a scofield bible for study of the word.

Send me a mail too about yout salvation.

 I will pray for you that your fruit may remain.
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